Southern California´s classic and quirky Venice Beach

At perhaps Greater L.A.´s most famous (and certainly the most colorful), just to the south of Santa Monica and an easy drive from downtown, the excitement involves as much crowd as surf and sand.. Stretching more than two miles, the world-famous, much photographed Ocean Front Walk *above( often upstages the Pacific for its offbeat character (and characters); Be on the lookout to see Harry Perry, the turban-wearing guitarist often seen rolling across the boardwalk (and he´s featured in myriad TV shows and films). Bodybuilders, street vendors, chainsaw-jugglers, breakdancers, musicians as well as palm readers and all sorts of performers keep things plenty lively and often more than a bit kooky..Away from the beach, You can also take walking tours and check out the canals which give the neighborhood (founded as a town in 1905) its name.

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