The highest mountain in Africa and second highest in the world with a height of 5,895 meters is among the best climbing, hiking, and trekking destinations in the world. The lower reaches of the mountain which are characterized by forests and woodland are accommodating a place for a substantial number of flora and fauna. This area around the mountain has been declared a National Park, with an area of 756 square kilometers which attained the status in 1973 and named as Kilimanjaro National Park. There are Eight Kilimanjaro Routes to reach the top, all different than the other in some way or other.Kilimanjaro is the highlight of many visitors’ experiences in Tanzania. Hiking on Africa’s rooftop is the adventure of a lifetime and with a little planning and preparation. it is within reach of any trekking enthusiast. The most important thing about Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is the level of time for altitude acclimatization, no matter how difficult the route may seem.
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