Honduras' crowning glory: the Mayan ruins of Copán

Dating back to around 100 AD, the capital of a powerful dynasty during the Mayan Classical period, ruling much of the surrounding area, is one of the Mayan world's greatest archaeological sites - and a UNESCO World Heritage Site - because though while it's far from the largest, it boasts a large number of sculptures and hieroglyphs, on temples, stelae, altars, and even the site’s single most important structure, the Hieroglyphic Stairway, Right alongside it, Copán Ruinas is a marvelous small town with lovely cobblestone streets, colorful buildings, abundant greenery, and hospitable Mayan locals. This definitely is one of my most loved vacation spots in the Americas. Inexpensive hotels are ample. In simple terms, it is really the sort of village you will just fall in love with and never want to leave.

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Adalberto Hernandez Vega


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