Kiribati´s beachy, castaway Kubbar Island

Nearly 400 miles southeast of Tarawa, with just two small villages, the delightfully barefoot vibe is strong here, and apart from great swimming, snorkeling, and surfing, visitors have the opportunity to experience local culture by interacting with the community, learning handicrafts and even the island´s taubati dance, which uses claps, slaps, and stomps to accompany songs. Another point of interest, at the island´s southern tip, is a set of navigational stones dating back to 1000-1500 CE, traditionally used to aid travelers in setting a course for neighboring islands. Also at the southern tip, another curious claim to fame is a stone marker indicating the Equator, a popular spot for visitors to take selfies of themselves standing in both hemispheres simultaneously.

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Rafael Avila Coya


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