New York, NY


June 6

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  • Soooo great to see you last night before you took off! Hope to see y'all at the Pierre tonight, time permitting. And I'll bring pins!!!!!!!!
  • GR8 Mary Alice! LMK when you're back.
  • I'm behind in my online correspondence. I was supposed to go to the Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain opening also. But I moved to the Twin Cities this fall and won't be making it back for a while - although January would be the perfect month to escape. Enjoy, it will be lovely.

  • Hi Mary Alice,

    Your name sounded so familiar to me, and then it stuck me that we met briefly at the Tucson Food & Wine Festival a couple of years back. I believe Kimberly of MTCVB introduced us (would that be correct?).

    ~Beth Blair
  • Thanks,

    I removed the comment, as I think I have attracted enough negative attention. I simply made the observation that in terms of writers I know, the women in my age group (20s-40s) are highly competitive while the older ones have treated me with kindness and respect. I suffered a lot at the hands of one particular writer whom I considered partnering with whom has poached a lot of jobs, ops and publicists from me, and whom I think was responsible for placing a horrible story on me with Gawker. I apologize for overgeneralizing, but this particular woman when at events and on press trips tends to draw attention a la rock star from younger, less experienced people while the older,more experienced people see right through her.
  • Hello,
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