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Travel media for many years; now work in travel/tourism content marketing; co-founder of Tripatini.com.

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USA, Europe, Latin America

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  • Jo Napot, David! Thank you for the warm greeting! Will be hitting a lot of Budapest's main tourist sites this weekend (playing tour guide for a visiting family member), then next week checking out one of the region's top restaurants. You can read about it when it comes out in Robb Report magazine this summer. I'll definitely keep you posted on any ideas I might have for your blog. Cheers, JTT
  • David, planning a trip to Lima, Peru soon. Henry Calderon
  • Asi es David, nos conocimos aqui en Cancun hace algun tiempo...sigo en PR como freelance a traves de la firma comunicologia.com.mx, ahora trabajando en un proyecto concreto que se llama News & Media Marketplace, que es basicamente citas preestablecidas entre voceros de diferentes empresas turisticas y periodistas. El ultimo fue en Ciudad de Mexico en enero y ahora estoy trabajando con propuestas para este mismo evento para otros destinos turisticos de Mexico en NY, LA, etc...cuando sea aprobado y ya en marcha te aviso, tal vez nos puedas acompañar a alguno y pasarme algunos tips para hacer uno en Miami! Seguimos en contacto y felicidades, me encanta Tripatini!!!
  • No worries - looks like a fun site!
  • Thanks, David. You mean the Tel Aviv story on EverettPotter.com? Shrimp in Israel: It's like boddhisatvas in the Vatican.
  • I just left Florida (Ft. Lauderdale & Tallahassee & Key West) for Australia...a repeat visit. Back in FL in springtime when less humid. Immediately before that I lived in NYC. Glad to be gone, but SYD is not much quieter.
    What info do you want on OZ? The number of Americans living here? Lots! My best mate isw from Pensacola, and a damn fine writer/photo chronicler, too.
  • I've visited the Ice Hotel before, but never stayed the night. My friends who have commented on trying to keep their face warm after being tucked into their arctic sleeping bags. So, yesterday I went to the dollar store and picked up a $3 bellaclava (if you don't know what that is use google images). Doubt if they have them in Florida. If you want me to pick up an extra one for you, let me know. Cheers, Lucy
  • How are you ? All is fine on the S.S. Freelance ! Still covering the Caribbean and racing around through airports. You?
  • Hi David. Yes, the Ice Hotel should be quite a memorable adventure. Perfect for my @CanadaCool Twitter :) I don't know who else is on the list. Thanks for getting in touch. See you there. Cheers, Lucy
  • Hi
    Last week it was all over the news with the "Stab Vest" people were selling... http://bit.ly/a8hdTU
    This week there is another story again. Most of our tourists come from England and Germany, but these are the countries that are the most out spoken against the world cup being in South Africa.
    The place is perfectly safe.
    With all my tours I've had to date I've only had one incidence where a handbag was stolen.
    And I normally take people into the townships and the more troubled areas, but the thing is just to be aware of what is going on around you.
    If you are going to walk around in the street after partying... (drinking a lot) chances are that somebody will take a chance with you.
    What I'm saying is that SA is not as dangerous as they are making it out to be.
    I love SA and chose to come and live here! I would not have chosen to come here if it was such a terrible place!
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