An oddly-shaped, landlocked country in central/southern Africa, it's a lesser known trove of safari and eco-opportunities. It's also one of the two countries which share magnificent Victoria Falls.

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10 Places Which Show How Zambia Is Eco-Amazing

Diego Delso When it comes to safaris and ecotourism, Zambia often takes a back seat to the likes of Botswana, Kenya, and Tanzania. But this large country in south-central Africa is positively packed with eco treasures, and its marquis attraction is one of the planet´s most spectacular waterfalls, Victoria Falls, which it shares with Zimbabwe. In addition, there are some 20 teeming nature reserves which offer as rewarding an eco-experience as any of Zambia´s neighbors – arguably even more so,…

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Lower Zambezi National Park cited in '7 Gorgeous Glamping Destinations'

How beautiful to imagine yourself in a camp locates in a glorious camp surrounded by beautiful environs. Singing and romancing on cold nights sitting around the fireside, staring on the stars in silent surroundings listening to the sounds of little creatures, basking on the lavish mattress, all that makes you dream to discover what camping in the glorious destinations of the world means. Morocco was the first place where I got the idea to experience the difference of international "glamping" -…

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Zambia on our blogger's list of 9 safest African countries to visit

Trаvеlіng to a fоrеіgn lаnd usually involves a certain amount of wаrіnеѕѕ аnd unсеrtаіntу - but especially when vіѕіtіng developing соuntrіеѕ whеrе a mаjоr роrtіоn of thе population live undеr the роvеrtу lіnе. But уоu know what's ѕаd? Tо let thеѕе uncertainties ѕtор уоu from еxрlоrіng fascinating new parts of the world. Africa is perhaps the continent that inspires the most wariness due to widespread poverty, corruption, wars, and other travails. But with exceptions where there's actual civil…

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  • In researching less "obvious" safari destinations (you know, beyond Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Botswana) for a trip next year, I came across this article in CN Traveler - sounds enticing!
    Inside Zambia's latest luxury safari lodges raising the bar to new levels
    Zambia has some of the richest wildlife viewing in Africa – now, two new luxury lodges are raising the bar even further.
  • The UK Daily Mail shows how new attractions at Victoria Falls make its appeal greater than ever:
    Discovering that Victoria Falls is overflowing with thrills
    Many itineraries for southern Africa only allow for a night or two in Victoria Falls. Nigel Tisdall experiences some of the activities on offer there…
  • A Zambian cultural tradition just made it as one of this year's additions to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list. It originated during colonial times, adopted by mine workers and used for entertainment at the Chief’s Palace during traditional ceremonies, funerals, harvest celebrations and other important occasions. Its a kind of dance drill formation in which the dancers form two or three lines, moving forwards and backwards as they sing along to the drumbeat, and with a lead singer, along with others who join in to support:
    UNESCO - Kalela dance
    The Kalela dance originated during colonial times in the Luapula Province of Zambia. It was adopted by mine workers and used for entertainment at the…
  • Zambia offers a number of good reasons to visit, but hanging out in its capital isn't one of them, with no major "sights" to see, unless you could the National Museum and a handful of art galleries. But the people are friendly and there are some good restaurants and nightspots for a very untouristy dose of urban Africa. This video from Tom the Dutch vlogger at gives a good feel of downtown Lusaka:
  • Recently The Guardian ran a piece about how climate change is hitting the tourism industry in various places around the globe, including Victoria Falls:
    Can the tourism industry survive the climate crisis?
    From the Solomon Islands to Denali national park, how five communities reliant on tourism are coping as climate change upends their industry
  • Zambia gets a shout-out in a recent post on the Tripatini blog: Africa Safaris 101: The Game's Afoot.
  • I will be in Kenya - Nairobi - in August, 2010. I would love to see Victoria Falls - what kind of time would I need for this?
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