Diminutive, yes, but packed with action both outdoorsy/active & cultural/sophisticated.

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  • A beautiful 4K montage of five of WV's top tourism draws during fall foliage season. And the soundtrack? What else but John Denver: "West Virginia, mountain mama - take me home, country roads" lol https://youtu.be/3DCt67e5Wo4
  • Check out the Upper Big Branch Miners Memorial in Whitesville, WV. We opened the memorial in July of 2012 after seven months of construction. An explosion at the Upper Big Branch Coal Mine claimed the lives of twenty-nine men and injured two others on April 5th, 2010. The aftermath of the explosion injured countless more. This memorial is dedicated to their honor.



    UBB Miners Memorial
    The Upper Big Branch Miners Memorial is dedicated to twenty-nine miners who lost their lives in an explosion at the Upper Big Branch Coal Mine on Apr…
  • A few weeks ago I wrote about the bunker -- Congress' fallout shelter -- at The Greenbrier. Now NBC has covered this same story. Is this scary enough for you?


  • I just learned that the Greenbriar Resort, founded in 1778, served as an upscale internment camp for high-level Japanese and Nazi captives during World War II. It had a defense-related function after World War II, as well. Know what that was?
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