The world's most wondrous sights and sites, manmade and natural, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe! In other words, to paraphrase the bestseller, more than 900 places to see before you die (better get hopping!).


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Martinique´s UNESCO World Heritage Mount Pelée

Just over a half hour up the coast from capital Fort-de-France, the town of St. Pierre was once considered the "Paris of the Caribbean" before it was buried by the 1902 eruption of nearby Pelée, the island´s highest peak at 4,583 feet (1,397 meters). And while a new town grew up nearby, visitors can explore the ruins of the old city, including a jail cell which protected of the eruption´s three survivors, and learn more at the Musée Volcanique. These days the volcano is calm (though still…

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Zambia´s UNESCO World Heritage eco reserves

 Diego Delso When it comes to safaris and ecotourism, Zambia often takes a back seat to the likes of Botswana, Kenya, and Tanzania. But this large country in south-central Africa is positively packed with eco treasures, and its marquis attraction is one of the planet´s most spectacular waterfalls, Victoria Falls, which it shares with Zimbabwe. In addition, there are some 20 teeming nature reserves which offer as rewarding an eco-experience as any of Zambia´s neighbors – arguably even more so,…

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UNESCO sites in '10 of the Coolest Experiences You Can Have in Vietnam´

This scintillating southeast Asian country is renowned for its many historic temples, colonial architecture, geological wonders, fine beaches, and mouthwatering cuisine, but Vietnam also offers plenty of cool experiences - some of which are unusual, and several of which you can´t even have elsewhere. Despite years of colonialism, then war, then modernisation, there remain parts of Vietnam which remains relatively authentic, where locals make great efforts to preserve many traditions and…

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UNESCO World Heritage candidates in Gaza, Palestine

Ramez Habboub This narrow strip of land along the Mediterranean coast between Israel and Egypt is tiny – just 141 square miles/365 sq. kilometers (about the size of Las Vegas or the British city of  Sheffield) – and with a population of nearly 2.1 million, making it one of the world´s most densely packed territories. And Gaza has of course massively been in the news since October 7 because of the tragic and horrific reasons with which by now we´re all too familiar. And when it comes to spots…

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  • Active trips around Lake Elementaita Kenya (Recently Nominated as a UNESCO Heritage site) - Biking, hiking and birdwatching


  • Fam trips to our Oasis Camp Lake Elementaita at USD 40 per person fullboard.

  • Hi guys,

      My youngest daughter Kristina is going to Avignon, France to teach for about 8 months beginning in latter September. Does anyone have any heads up on a place to stay that is reasonable and walking distance and hopefully to train station. Let me know ASAP. Thanks

  • Hi guys,

       Historic capital of Bridgetown, Barbados now has a World Heritage Listing by UNESCO. Read about it at

  • Just caught this from the Bangkok Post about Thailand's withdrawal from the World Heritage Convention:

    "Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva has defended the decision to withdraw Thailand from Unesco's World Heritage Convention, saying its approval of Cambodia's management plan for Preah Vihear temple would put the country at a disadvantage."

  I wonder what are the implications, if any for Thailand's five existing UNESCO World Heritage Sites, like Sukhothai and so forth...?

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