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What You Need To Know about travel insurance post-COVID-19

An informative video from BuzzFeed several weeks ago covering five key points about travel insurance in light of the most significant event in 20 years to severely affect the travel industry - namely, of course, the global pandemic. Furthermore, for more detail they include a link to the Skyscanner article "Travel Insurance During COVID for US Travelers."

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Does Travel Insurance Cover Car Breakdown?

Hi Everyone!It sounds great that the world is normalizing again, and I am planning a trip with my family. I am thinking to visit Belfast, NI and a few camping sites in Scotland. Instead of public transport, I am thinking to use my own vehicle. Probably, my family can use 2 vehicles. In this regard, I am thinking to get a travel insurance plan for the entire family, but I am not sure either it would include a car breakdown or not. When I did an online search, then I found that I would have to…

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Is rental car insurance a scam?

You are at a car rental counter after a six-hour flight, talking to a guy at the counter who presents you a pile of paperwork and some "irresistible" pitches. Indeed, most of said pitches that we get from various sources every day are nothing but garbage, and some also happen to be straight-up scams. In the case of rental cars, this may include a pass for the toll-road service fee or a tank full of fuel pre-paid. Before or after you accept any of these pitches, the counter rep  will also…

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How to choose the right travel insurance for your next vacation

It's going to be a big year for travel insurance. Really big. A survey by the travel-insurance-comparison site Squaremouth predicts 24 percent more travelers will insure their international trips in 2019 than last year. Generali, the travel insurance company, says travelers spent an average of $139 per trip on insurance in 2018, unchanged from the previous year. So do you have your travel insurance picked out already? "The right insurance policy will protect you from unexpected issues that…

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  • Insurance options vary and the type of trip you are taking is a factor to consider as well.  Can you provide more details and I would love to help

  • One of our fellow members is wondering which is the best travel insurance for folks age 67+.  If you'd like to offer suggestions/advice, please respond to this link to our Ask A Travel Pro forum. Thanks!

  • It's vacation time, what's the worst that could happen? Hopefully, a mild case of the runs...but sometimes worse. This week's Travel Tip on The World on Wheels, we offer some strategies to keeping yourself safe and secure while away from home. I think you might find at least one or two of these suggestions new to you:

    The World on Wheels
    An ongoing adventure of travel and living while using a wheelchair. Tim has been disabled from birth. Darryl is his father and caregiver who travel…
  • About 1 in 3 travelers buy insurance for their trip, according to the US Travel Insurance Association. Should you be one of them? Here are 10 Reasons to Consider Travel Insurance, based on 10 situations where travel insurance can prove invaluable.
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  • Are you a blogger?  Interested in Exotic Destinations?  Here's what your readers need to know about travel insurance.

    Exotic Destinations
  • Travel Guard North America hired Ruf Strategic Solutions to conduct a poll to find out. 43% of cruisers polled say their biggest concern surrounding cruising is the potential that weather-related flight cancellations or delays will cause them to miss their ship’s departure. Only 25% feared missing their cruise because of an illness or injury.
    Are you as surprised by that last one as I am?

    There's more: Despite highly publicized incidents occurring while ships were at sea or in port, only 20% of respondents were worried about getting sick once on the ship, just 10% of respondents were concerned about safety while in port, and less than 1% of respondents were concerned about potential mechanical issues on board. 

    The survey also addressed the growing trend of megaships, finding that less than 4% of those polled considered the size of a ship as its most attractive quality.
    Again, do you find that as surprising as I do? 

  • Interesting article on - "Travel insurance: To buy or not to buy"
  • URGENT: Tripatini Needs Your Travel Insurance Stories Within the Next 24 Hours

    Do you sell travel insurance to your customers? Are pre-existing conditions excluded? Is it difficult for someone with, say, cancer to buy travel insurance through your provider?

    Or, as an individual, have you been turned down when buying travel insurance because of pre-existing medical conditions? Have you been quoted astronomical rates because of your condition? Or maybe you've bought travel insurance, only to have your broken ankle claim denied because of (totally unrelated) pre-existing cancer?

    Tripatini editor-in-chief David Paul Appell needs to hear from you within 24 hours (no later than 12 noon US Eastern Time on Thursday, April 15, 2010) for a BBC World News story for which he is serving as a source. If your anecdote is selected, you may be quoted.

    Anyone in any country may reply.

    Please post your replies on the Bulletin Board.

    Your help is much appreciated!
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