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September 14

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  • Travel Insured helps win a client plus a possible group booking

    Arizona agent Karen H. was asked to try upgrading a cruise reservation for a client’s parents celebrating their 50th anniversary. The parents had booked without using a travel agent. Karen discovered they had no trip insurance for the cruise. The parents incorrectly thought the cruise line included insurance in the booking. “They were shocked to discover this because they were due to pay in full that day!” says Karen. “They transferred the booking to me. I sold them our [Travel Insured plan] for less money than the cruise line policy, and treated them to a 50th anniversary gift. They said, ‘We will never book our own reservations again. We will call you instead.’ I got an e-mail from her daughter requesting a cruise quote for 10 people.”

  • Travel Insured rep helps an agent recover from an airport delay

    Delayed Flight Board

    Ohio travel agent Joanne S. says she ran into an airport flight delay not long ago, and while stuck overnight in an airport hotel waiting for a flight out, called her Travel Insured representative to ask how to file a Trip Delay claim on her own policy. “He walked me through the steps I should follow,” says Joanne. “Upon my return, he followed up with me to check the status of our claim, which was already approved and nearly settled. He shows the same care with all our clients. I’m a strong believer in travel insurance, and I often tell clients that I personally never travel without it.”

  • A broken wrist leads to a referral network

    Connecticut agent Bill P.’s client broke a wrist after a fall on her 50th anniversary cruise. Travel Insured covered her medical costs and her dream trip continued. “She was not going to miss the walk on the glacier regardless of how much her wrist hurt. She was happy to learn that the policy covered any loss she had plus pay for her co-payment for setting her wrist. The following year they booked a 35-day cruise through the Panama Canal. She insisted on Worldwide Trip Protector as it saved her previous trip. They now promote Travel Insured to all their friends and relatives.”

  • Travel Insured helps manage a response to a health emergency

    Cruise Ship

    California agent Sheila H. saw her client rushed to a hospital with a near-fatal heart attack during an Alaska group cruise. Travel Insured was there to help in the crisis. “Princess Cruises and Travel Insured took care of everything,” says Sheila. “We didn’t even have to get involved because the client didn’t want us involved. But later she thanked me and said, “We will only book our Princess cruise with you and we will always take your travel insurance from Travel Insured.”

  • One client’s loss is another’s insurance education

    Iowa agent Mary R. has clients who learned from another client’s bad decision. “My clients know another good client of mine who declined insurance for a cruise and had a stroke one day prior to sailing. He lost all his money — $10,000.00. When they booked their own cruise, they asked key questions about insurance: which policy would work best for them, the cruise line’s insurance or Travel Insured’s? I’m happy to say they were most satisfied with the Travel Insured protection policy.”

  • Baggage Protection turns a Travel Agent into a sports hero


    South Carolina agent Russ P. says his client’s bag was never loaded on the cruise ship, but was left on the dock in Miami. His client had Worldwide Trip Protector. “Then his bag was rifled through by baggage handlers before it was sent home,” says Russ. “The worst part of it was they stole his White Sox world championship stuff… Travel Insured paid the claim for $1,089, a generous and fair result! Thanks for making us look good. I never leave home without a Travel Insured policy.”

  • Travel Insured helps turn one lost vacation into a better one

    Indiana travel agent Kim E. says her clients, a married couple, were insured for a five-day cruise and purchased a Worldwide Trip Protector comprehensive plan. On the morning of the cruise the husband fell ill and they cancelled their cruise. “We filed a claim and it went like clockwork,” says Kim. “I have just gotten off the phone with [the wife]. They have rebooked to cruise again. This time it is a 15-day cruise in a mini-suite! Guess what insurance company she wants to book again?”

  • A secretary is relieved of worry after her boss’s trip delay


    Massachusetts secretary Emily R. thanked Travel Insured’s claims representative for handling the claim after her boss’s delayed trip home from a Caribbean cruise.

    “Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter,” Emily says. “I realize you do not have an easy position to be in, but you surely make it seem easy. And one big bonus ‘thank you’ for being NICE. I hope your company realizes the attention and work you put into your position.”

  • Great service makes two heroes: travel agent and Travel Insured

    Traveler Richard S. sent a thank-you to Travel Insured and his travel agent after receiving a check for medical expenses incurred on his Alaska cruise.

    “I thank you both, first to our agent Janet for convincing us to buy insurance,” Richard
    says. “And, second, for your prompt and complete coverage of our claim. We will definitely use your service again. And when we book a cruise, we will recommend Travel Insured International to our friends and associates…”

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