Cleats for winter travel?

This is a more specialized item, of course, for open spaces where you need traction on snow and ice, as well as even some cities and towns which don´t clear all their sidewalks – which is the case in the Arctic and even in larger cities including Oslo. So in Tromso we dutifully shelled out kroner equivalent of around $25 for a pair of cleats (though you can find cheapos online for as little as $8, while higher-end, high-performance versions can easily set you back $80 or more). Then as it turned out, we used them exactly once, because they are admittedly a bit of a hassle to slip on each time we needed them, and the sidewalks weren´t all that tough to navigate anyway (hey, anybody want to buy a couple of nearly new cleats for cheap?). So if you´re unsure, it might be worth checking out travel boards for comments to see if they might be worth buying for your destination.

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