• Thanks, I will pass the word on to Sue. She'll be intrigued.  From looking at your website, I'd say your marketing of writing and photography is well underway. My photos are just snapshop adjuncts to my travel blog ( and website (, and there's a world of difference.  Maybe you'll be attending the NW Travel Writers Conference in May -- check It's going to be outstanding. 
  • Susan you have a beautiful website. Your photography is outstanding, very impressive.  (I'll have to tell a dear friend about this; her name is Sue Frost, a former Portland girl.)
    • Thanks, Marilyn. So happy to have the new site launched. Working hard to market my travel writing and photography. Yes, there are numerous women that share my name. Ironically enough, there is another Susan Frost in Tigard, OR that even shares the same birthday. However, I am the only Susan E. Frost in Portland to my knowledge. I am also our family historian so if your friend has a Frost heritage, have her contact me. My knowledge of my family history is extensive.
  • Very nice website, Susan.
    • Thank you. My site is designed to be a resource for travel editors and photo researchers. Ultimately, it will have a shopping cart for my ever growing inventory of travel and fine art images.
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