Hi Everyone,

Women on the Road is starting a new destinations section and while we can't pay much for now ($10-$15 per piece) the terms are good - writers can resell their post to print publications after just one month, and the site gets good traffic. It's also a great place to break in if writers need to gain a bit of experience and exposure.


Find the writers' guidelines here and please don't hesitate to get in touch if you need any information!


All stories must look at destinations from a woman's point of view - especially on issues of safety, culture, mores... 


Thanks for passing this on! Cheers, Leyla

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  • Leyla,very good afternoon!!

    Its wonderful idea,wish you very best but unfortunately I'm not the women but will definately send you some of the stories about it.

    I've really sirious matter!!

  • Can you share what your traffic is?

    • GG PR 4, avg 1300+ unique visitors/day, avg 100,000 page views/month. Monthly newsletter 6200 opt-in subscribers.

  • Hi Leyla,

    This sounds like a terrific opportunity. I’ve been traveling solo since I was twelve when my parents sent me on a three day train ride to Arizona aboard the old Santa Fe Super Chief. 

    I still travel the world solo and without flying; only ships, trains and an occasional bus or taxi. Certainly makes for interesting experiences and carefully planned itineraries. 

    Thank you very much - I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards,

    Sherry – sherrylaskin@gmail.com


    • Hi Sherry, thanks for writing! If you're interested in pitching stories please do read the guidelines for writers (link in my original post) and feel free to submit very specific story ideas and we can take it from there! Cheers, Leyla

  • Hello Leyla,

    I am a female blogger from India.  I have stayed and traveled in different parts of India and I stay in Chennai. I write for 2 US publications on a monthly basis and will be happy to write for you.



    • Dear Katie,

      Please get in touch via email through this page. I'd love to have a piece on India generally and perhaps another on Chennai. Please read the guidelines on that page and then query with some story ideas - I'm really looking forward to hearing from you!

      Cheers, Leyla

  • Hi Leyla:

    Sounds good. I would love to participate as this has always been my area of expertise. Even wrote a book called The Women's Travel Guide to 25 American Cities back in the 80s. Would love the opportunity. Please advise and thanks so much. 

    All the best,



  • I am an experienced travel writer & have travelled all over the world. I am UK based.
    I am happy to write some articles for you.
    Email me at: pearsonlaurauk@yahoo.co.uk
    Writing samples can be viewed at http://www.laura-pearson.co.uk and scrollibg down to the 'Writer' section.
    Best Wishes,
    Laura Pearson-Smith

  • Would love to talk to you. We are two Female Travelers that also write and host a weekly Travel Show (The Traveling Eye).

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