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14 day Annapurna Circuit trek from Kathmandu-10 % off with us Hurry up

The Annapurna Circuit is a popular and challenging trek in Nepal that offers breathtaking views of the Annapurna mountain range and takes you through diverse landscapes, from lush valleys to high mountain passes. The traditional 14-day Annapurna Circuit trek typically starts and ends in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. However, please note that the duration of the trek can vary depending on your pace and the specific itinerary chosen with your trekking agency. Here's a general outline of…

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Terrific tours which takes you into Morocco's Sahara Desert

  When good friends asked my husband and me to join them to spend New Year’s Eve in Morocco’s Sahara Desert, it was hard to say no. We’d visited this country many years ago and had been utterly entranced by its culture, architecture, food, and people – yet we’d not yet gotten to the vast dunes of its northeast. And quite a trip it turned out to be.. read post  

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A tour operator which explores an artsy alternative side of Prague

 Alternative-Prague.com Although lots of you know that the Czech Republic’s capital is one of the world’s most monumental cities with its elegant squares, Baroque buildings and must-sees – such as the Charles Bridge, majestic Prague Castle, the Jewish Quarter, and the Old City Hall’s astronomical clock – there’s also a cool, alt, and youth-driven side to Prague, going back to the graffiti and street art of famous John Lennon Wall of the Malá Strana neighbourhood (which actually predated the…

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An Africa tour operator which focuses on ethical tourism and voluntourism

We used to have a desire to kick back on holiday, but now the desire to give back has moved to the forefront when it comes to booking that dream trip.  Proof that there’s more than one way to join in with the “feel good” factor, the “Travelling Eco-Book Depository” combines the traditional idea of recycling with the ethical mindset of today’s travellers – “reduce, reuse, recycle,” entering the travel sphere.  Simplistic it may be, but while most initiatives are generally tour operator led, this…

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  • World Largest Radio Observatory,Yunque's Rain Forest (new nature wonder of the world).Old San Juan ( World Heritage City ) San Cristobal castle ( largest Spanish fortication in las Americas),Guanica' Dry Forest ( World's Biosphere) Camuy River( One of largest subterranean rivers in the world) Home town of Salsa,,,Gran Combo! and Raggeton... Daddy Yankee also home of Ricky Martinect etc.etc all in a 9,104 sq .km Island...PUERTO RICO! the Pearl of the Caribbean,the island of Enchantment...Puerto Rico does it better...
  • Tip for your Trip

    You can always find a small holiday company from Kenya and organize with them your own perfect holiday. By locally and directly sourcing your holiday from your chosen destination you will be putting your money directly into the local economy and in return you will receive the best value and unrivalled local knowledge. www.southernsafarisandtravel.com

  • There should be not of a worry to ant tours regarding Drought in th Horn of Africa. it only takes you help if you need to throguth the normal channels who are feeding thaty area. Tours will not be on any were disturbed by this since we are much far to it. We encourage those who can hel p to do so in the best way possible , Honeybadger Tours will do its best as a company. www.honeybadgertours.com  
    Best African Guiding through providing Safaris and Tours in Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Mt climbing, Mt Kil…
    Honey Badger Tours, your one and only source for complete, exclusive tours, safaris, photo expeditions in South Africa, touring Zimbabwe, Tanzania an…
  • Looking for good and competitive tour operators in Hong Kong, Turkey, Jordan, Switzerland, Austria, South America for mostly FIT premium travellers  or Incentive groups.


    “Recent reports in the local and international media regarding the drought situation in the Horn of Africa have been of concern to travellers who are asking if this will affect their safaris.

    There has been a prolonged drought in the neighbouring countries to the North of Kenya and in the North-Eastern part of the country. During the course of 2010, failed rains have made the situation more severe to the extent that H.E. Mwai Kibaki the Kenyan President declared the drought a National disaster. Efforts have been stepped up to provide relief supplies to those affected by the drought.
    We wish to clarify that the drought ravaging parts of the country is localized to specific areas and there are several other regions that have received adequate rainfall and expect bountiful harvest. The key areas where tourism activity takes place have not been affected by the drought and there is fantastic game viewing in the Parks, Reserves and Conservancies.

    There is a large proportion of Kenyans who depend on tourism, directly and or indirectly, as a means of livelihood. This includes communities living around Parks and Reserves and those who operate community owned conservancies as an alternative to pastoralism. Visitors intending to come to Kenya can therefore rest assured that not only will they be able to enjoy their holidays as planned; they will also help to GENERATE INCOME and BENEFITS to the LOCAL COMMUNITIES” www.southernsafarisandtravel.com

    20th July, 2011
    Quoted - Kenya Tourism Federation
  • Great times there , here we are doing almost the same with wildlife in its best in Africa

    www.honeybadgertours.com Honeybadger Tours

    Best African Guiding through providing Safaris and Tours in Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Mt climbing, Mt Kil…
    Honey Badger Tours, your one and only source for complete, exclusive tours, safaris, photo expeditions in South Africa, touring Zimbabwe, Tanzania an…
  • Hello Friends,


    Atypus Travel is destination management for central and eastern Europe. We designe and organize full range of services and tours in countries such as Czech and Slovak republic, Poland, Hungary, Austria, etc.

    Fall offers great time to come and visit heart of Europe. Atypus classical tours such as Medieval towns and impressive castle  or selection of active trips such as Cycling from Prague to Vienna  and Great hiking trails of High Tatras is just a few examples of Atypus european trips. Range of cultural tours includes for ex. architecture, music, folklore, UNESCO heritage or Parks and gardens. For over 18years we have designed and organized many special interest and private tours and travel services in central and eastern Europe. For general information visit atypus web site : http://www.atypus.cz of contact us directlly. 9012307856?profile=original

  • There are various Romantic Getaways India, which might be actually mesmerizing and memorable. It has a great number of alluring things to show towards the discerning visitors' suitable from the remains of Indus valley civilization for the regal monuments of Mughal and British period.With , you may delight in the picturesque hotspots, which are not just tempting but additionally gratifying. places to visit in India.India is usually a amazing practical experience not simply for the initial time visitor but also for all those tourists who appreciate to stop by India Vacation  One such state that is certainly wealthy in historical past, grandeur and elegance would be the royal rajasthan state of rajasthan.Wildlife holidays India and you may also indulge in purchasing. Rajasthan is well known for its conventional dresses and handicrafts across the globe. Travel to India is a great travel experience and possess a glimpse of a great number of magical places. You can avail your India tour packages from a reliable travel agency India
  • This story just published in July issue of Quaker Life Mag about experiential traveling with students on the "Peru Backpack Project" in March 20119012306464?profile=original
  • Peru...! Machu Pichu,Saxiguaman,Octyantaitanbo,Pizac,Lima,Cuzco...

    Valle Sagrado, Nazca, Vallestas, Paracas Huacachina, Cerveza Callao, Cuzqueña

    Flauta Andina todos lo echo de menos...pero fue un puertorriqueño como yo el que

    mejoró el algodon de toda una region del Peru y fue de aqui de donde salio don Gaspar Flores padre de Isabel Flores... Sta.Rosa de Lima...Un abrazo boricua

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