We used to have a desire to kick back on holiday, but now the desire to give back has moved to the forefront when it comes to booking that dream trip.  Proof that there’s more than one way to join in with the “feel good” factor, the “Travelling Eco-Book Depository” combines the traditional idea of recycling with the ethical mindset of today’s travellers – “reduce, reuse, recycle,” entering the travel sphere. 

Simplistic it may be, but while most initiatives are generally tour operator led, this concept is focused on the people choosing to travel with Acacia Africa. An adventure specialist that has been actively involved in ethical tourism for near on 20 years, voluntours and school visits are very much part of their portfolio, however, the company doesn’t see this as the only way to generate a positive impact on the continent.

The idea is simple, make a little extra room in your backpack for a book or two, and leave what are much needed resources behind you when you go. 


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