This northeastern African country has in the late 20th and early 21st century been wracked by civil war and despotism, and considered no-go for tourists. Yet Khartoum and the country's Northern State are in fact safe to visit, and offer ample reward to those who do - including the remnants of fascinating ancient civilizations (more pyramids than Egypt!) and exceedingly friendly and hospitabe people.

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8 awesome things about Sudan

Sudan is currently Africa's least visited country - for reasons including its endemic strife for many years. But Dustin Pfundheller, the U.S. born, Singapore-based "Wandering Dentist" who has been to every country in the world and focuses his YouTube channel The Other Side of the Truth on the developing world and especially on debunking stereotypes, has turned his lens on Sudan and come up with several fascinating observations about this country and what it has to offer visitors.

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Sudan - yes, Sudan - peacefully offers amazing ancient pyramids and much else

Yes, this north African country has president who's wanted for war crimes, and it has undeniably been a rough place in recent years. Parts of it, in fact, still are. But other parts , including capital Khartoum and Northern State are among the safe areas that have a lot to offer open-minded visitors. Unique in the world, for example, are its plethora of pyramids dating back to ancient times - more than Egypt, in fact, if smaller in size. And the people are a true delight - warm and friendly,…

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  • A rather harrowing account from an Indian travel blogger who found himself caught up in the fighting in Sudan this past spring:
    ‘Terrifying’: Travel blogger gets stuck in Sudan after violence breaks
    Maheen S was travelling around Africa when fighting suddenly broke out in Sudan.
  • Here's a look at Sudan's three UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the archaeological sites of the island of Meroe; Gebel Barkal and the sites of the Napatan region of the Nile Valley; and the Sanganeb Marine National Park and Dungonab Bay-Mukkawar Island Marine National Park:
    Sudan - UNESCO World Heritage Convention
    Sudan - UNESCO World Heritage Convention
  • In honor of February’s Black History Month in the USA, MSN’s Travel Noire channel put together a list of six subsaharan landmarks of remarkable black African achievements - and this piece of course cites Sudan's UNESCO World Nubian pyramids :
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