Very much undersung as a tourist destination, Korea's home to the temples and various other sites of its ancient culture, scrumptious food, great bargain shopping, and lovely scenery. You can sneak a peek at the DMZ and the forbidding North, too.

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5 of the top attractions of Seoul

                Recently I chose South Korea's capital (pop. 10 million, metro area nearly 26 million) for a vacation because of its mix of modernity with traditional - skycrapers and a dynamic urban scene on the one hand, sacred Buddhists temples, stunning palaces, and traditional neighborhoods on the other - all connected by a superb subway systems I suggest travelers visit Seoul in between the months of March to May when it is spring season. These are five of the favorite places I visited…

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Why Busan should be on your travel list

You may not have heard of South Korea's second largest city (pop. over 3.5 million), but Busan (about two hours 45 minutes by sleek train from Seoul) happens to be a cool metropolis where you can enjoy a mix of exciting and laid back. Big-city attractions and amenities sit alongside historic landmarks, museums, and other cultural offerings, and greats beaches/ecotourism nearby. When you arrive, take a daylong bus tour to get yourself oriented, then go back and check out these highlights. read…

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An introduction to Seoul

On the Han River, South Korea's capital is truly a global city and offers a wealth of places and experiences to delight any visitor. There are many things to do in Seoul. Here are some of the cool places you can visit:  read post

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