Built in the early 13th century on a remote peak near a glacial moraine in the southern Făgarăş Mountains, this was the heaquarters of Vlad Tepeş (who inherited it from his father Vlad III). In his post, Tripatini member Steven P. Unger writes, "The ascent was exhausting (including climbing a concrete stairway of 1,480 steps). At last I arrived at the lone approach to the fortress, a wooden footbridge (see top left of the above photo). Of all the places I explored that are associated with Vlad Ţepeş, only at Poenari did I feel that he was somehow still keeping watch. Thousands of boyars and their families had been force-marched there from Tărgovişte to die rebuilding the castle for Prince Vlad; it was here that his treacherous brother Radu stormed the fortress with cannons, reducing the once courtly residence into broken turrets and formless rubble.  And it was here that Prince Dracula's wife cast herself from the highest window of the eastern tower, choosing a swift death over the torture of the stake."

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