Why Paraguay? Isolated for 35 years in the 20th century under a right-wing dictatorship, one of South America's least-known lands is a safe, low-key, developing democracy wedged between Argentina, Bolivia, and Brazil. Its strong suits are eco and community tourism, along with unusual cultural peculiarities (most locals speak Guaraní as well as Spanish).

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  • I've been intrigued by Paraguay ever since a good high school friend of mine spent a year there as an exchange student a loooong time ago - plus other reasons like a curiosity for off-the-beaten-path spots and the fact that Paraguay is the only Latin American country where most people speak a language other than the one (Spanish, Portuguese, etc.) left by its colonizers. So I really enjoyed this account of a month living in Asunción from a blogger for the site MyLatinLife.com: https://mylatinlife.com/2020/03/31/asuncion-paraguay-travel-guide/
  • Un mate -- buena idea.
  • Another great place to go! Pasame un mate y vamanos!
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