Gaza City´s Great Omari Mosque

Gaza´s Old City is known for its ancient architecture, narrow alleyways, and bustling markets, and one of its key landmarks, in the Daray Quarter, is Gaza´s largest Muslim house of worship (44,000 square feet/4,100 sq. meters. Over the millennia, this site has housed a succession of temples, churches and mosques, and what´s seen here today – sometimes also referred to as the Great Mosque of Gaza – largely dates from the early 13th century, though it has undergone a number of restorations. Its minaret. half square-shaped, half octagonal – is an icon of the old quarter. And by the way, along its southern edge is a narrow passageway that´s home to the Gold Market – it´s not Dubai but it (does have its fair share of bling.)

[Subsquent note: tragically, most of the mosque was obliterated by an Israeli air strike in December 2023.]

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Dan Palraz


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