Pining for the fjords? Us, too -- but there's a lot of other stuff about the land of the Vikings that floats our longboat. Besides dramatic scenery, there's great history, culture -- and it goes without saying the winter sports are incredible!
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5 of Oslo's top attractions

    Norway's beautiful capital is a major global hub, yet only around 20 percent of its extension is truly urbanized, so in addition to city streets it's possible to spend time in parks, woodlands, hills, and lakes. Oslo's major avenue, Karl Johans gate, is lined with pedestrian-friendly areas. Oslo's main pedestrian boulevard begins at Oslo Central Station on the waterfront and winds its way past several prominent tourist attractions, including the Royal Palace and National Theatre, as well…

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The spectacular scenery of Norway in a nutshell

  The "Norway-in-a-nutshell" tour can be undertaken throughout from Bergen or Oslo as a single-day trip or spread over three days. However, if planning a one-day excursion, Voss would be a more convenient and relaxing base. This small, thriving town nestles on the shore of Vangsvatnet Lake beneath mountains which, in winter, provide some of the finest skiing in the country. Throughout the summer, the ski lifts continue to operate, taking visitors onto the plateau to the north, where…

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Hardangervidda National Park in 'Beyond Skiing/Snowboarding: 9 Winter Adrenaline Pumpers'

When it comes to winter activities, skiing and snowboarding (and to a lesser extent ice skating) understandably get most of the attention. But these days an increasing number of people are experiencing awesome winter holidays without sliding down a mountain on one or two planks. So if you’re a non skier/snowboarder, travelling with one, or just want to add some extra zing to your mountain fling, check out these nine thrilling alternatives – some of them fit for all ages – others a whole lot…

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  • For most travelers, Norway is an undersung gem. And even if you've been, like I have, you might be interested at this peek from the U.S. trade outlet Travel Weekly gives us at what new stuff the country has to offer this year:
    Norway entices visitors with new places to stay and things to do
    Bodo, in Norway's Nordland district, has been named a European Capital of Culture for 2024. For clients who can't wait that long to visit, Norway als…
  • Enjoying northern Norway in the winter, written for Travel+Leisure by a local:
    Northern Norway’s Arctic Landscapes Are the Best Place to Unplug — With Nighttime Skiing and Cozy H…
    The Arctic landscapes of northern Norway make for a singular snow-cloaked adventure. Heine Bakkeid revisits the fjords and forests that shaped him —…
  • Travel Weekly recently came out with a roundup of what's new in Norway of interest to visitors, and there's some pretty interesting stuff here!
    What's new for travel in Norway
    The destination features rugged beauty, rich culture and foodie bona fides, and it is a leader in ecotourism.
  • Oslo's Nasionalmuseet (National Museum) just made its debut this month:
  • Cool - please consider re-posting one or two of those on our blog - that way you can introduce yourself to our audience and drive more traffic to your own blog!

  • Nice blogs! I like how Bergen town is set amongst the hills - I've heard it's like that. We have not left Stavanger, actually - been much too busy with work. You can check out all of our Norway posts here:

    a lot of it is expat-related stuff (which will answer your questions about what is good and not so good) but there are a few photo essays from Stavanger. Hoping to at least head up north at the start of next year.




  • How are you liking it? What's been toughest and what's been the most awesome? 

    Actually, I was just in Norway in August - but apart from Bergen and Oslo it was on a Hurtigruten cruise, so we were doing the usual port-hopping.  It was my first visit to the country - very cool and had me intrigued enough to want to come back soon!

    BTW here you can read my post on Hurtigruten and another on Bergen; plus I've got 3 more in the pipeline for September/October (2 Hurti, 1 Oslo).

    Please keep us all posted on how things continue going - and also we'd love to get a dispatch from Stavenger here on the blog.

    Lykke til!

  • Hi David, Thanks for asking =) We are still here...bit of an adjustment but things are going alright. Are you headed this way?

  • Andrea, how is it going/did it go in Stavenger?

  • We're moving to Stavanger shortly for work - would love any tips that members of this group have for Norway and look forward to checking out your blogs!

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