Africa's most populous country is complex, culturally rich, and of course in many ways troubled - some areas aren't safe for foreigners, but that leaves plenty which are, offering rewarding eco, historic sites and community tourism.

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In the country's south, the legacy of the amazing historical civilization of Great Benin

 Beginning in the 13th century and continuing through the 19th, the Edo people of what is southern  today Nigeria formed a large, novel city out of numerous villages, and here trade flourished and its handiwork prized across Africa and as far afield as Europe; its walls - four times larger than the Great Wall of China, and porclaimed the world's largest earthworks - were a wonder of the medieval and early modern eras. I was fascinated by this description in the eclectic US blog Medium! 

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Nigeria rated as worst in Africa - and the entire world - on the LGBTQ+ Danger Index

Just came across a Guardian piece published a few weeks ago with some interesting findings from something called the LGBTQ+ Danger Index, which ranks the world's 150 most-visited countries using eight factors, including legalized same-sex marriage, worker protection and whether, based on Gallup poll findings, it is a good place to live. Sweden comes in first, followed by Canada, Norway, Portugal and Belgium. My adopted country Spain comes in at number 10, but my native country the USA is just…

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King Sunny Adé cited in '12 Giants of World Music'

Globalization has been a sometimes controversial mixed bag in different areas and different parts of the world, but I think we can all agree that on the plus side, one of its grooviest benefits has been to bring to spread many of the exciting cultural achievements of societies much different from our own. Nowhere is this more exciting than in the field of “world music”, a term that came into vogue beginning in the 1980s to describe music both non-Western and non-mainstream Western. Initially…

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A Nigeria shoutout in 'West Africa Christmastime'

In the UK we usually associate Christmas with family, eating and drinking (often to excess!), giving presents, Father Christmas and a Christmas tree. But how is the tradition celebrated in West Africa, a region of the World where Christianity is at its freshest, where missionaries have only been preaching for about 150 years? West Africa is a culturally diverse region; comprised of 16 countries, where Islam and Christianity dominate thousands of different tribes speaking hundreds of different…

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  • Lonely Planet recently boiled it down pretty well:
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    From the beaches of Lagos to the ancient traditions of Ilorin, here are the very best places to visit in Nigeria.
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  • A sad/alarming note for Pride month: Tourism site eTurboNews reports bigotry from Nigerian tourism luminaries re LGBTQ travelers and Uganda's barbaric, just passed law:
    Execute LGBTQ: A Scary Trend by some African Tourism Fanatics | eTurboNews is Travel Industry News
    Criminalizing LGBTQ People is also an "African fight". Hate against LGBTQ in Africa's travel and tourism community spikes - many must remain silent.
  • The Nigerian news and entertainment website recently published a piece rating the country's most "beautiful" cities. Some I'd agree with, while others, well...
  • The London-based travel-site recently came out with "The best cities in the world for art and culture in 2022", and while many of them you would totally expect, there are a few you might not, and Lagos is one of them! Read why:
  • Hello Mr. Taiwo, When will you like this tour to be, because Femi Kuti is going to have a musical tour round Europe starting from 19th April till 15th of May. His brother Seun Kuti is equally going to be busy from 26th March till 21st of April. Sunny Ade will also be free towards ending of April. So when will you like this tour to be considering the above points? Meanwhile, Kehinde nko? Mo n reti re o! odabo
  • Oruko mi ni Taiwo.  I spent a few months in Ikenne Remo, Ibadan, Lagos and traveling around Nigeria back in 1982.  My interests are in the music scene.  I would love to find out about tours that involve popular live music by Femi Kuti, Sunny Ade, highlife etc.

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