The other "land Down Under" is lots smaller than neighbor Australia yet packs in a boggling amount of beauty and adventure in its two main islands and various other smaller ones -- along with Maori culture and a touch of urban cosmopolitanism. And of course let's not forget Hobbiton!

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Top 7 cool things to do in Auckland

If you are planning a holiday visit to the New Zealand's biggest urban area, you can be sure of dozens of activities to make your visit a memorable one. Here we have put together seven of the most exciting things to do and places to see when you visit Auckland. read post

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Hawke's Bay, North Island cited in '7 Gorgeous Glamping Destinations'

How beautiful to imagine yourself in a camp locates in a glorious camp surrounded by beautiful environs. Singing and romancing on cold nights sitting around the fireside, staring on the stars in silent surroundings listening to the sounds of little creatures, basking on the lavish mattress, all that makes you dream to discover what camping in the glorious destinations of the world means. Morocco was the first place where I got the idea to experience the difference of international "glamping" -…

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Tauranga a popular destination on the North Island's Bay of Plenty

The most populous city (pop. 142,000) in the Bay of Plenty region on the North Island's north coast, besides being a dynamic city that's one of New Zealand's fastest growing, Tauranga is also a very popular tourism destination, thanks to a  cosmopolitan yet laid back vibe and arts scene paired with its natural attractions and scenery, ranging from popular beaches to lush, forest-clad mountains and waterfalls. Here are some of Tauranga’s top things to do:  read post

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4 exciting activities in Rotorua

Rotorua is known as the "little town" of New Zealand's North Island (though its population is nearly 60,000), and the country's "Sulphur City," world famous for the geothermal activity resulting the area's volcanic activity. There are no live volcanoes around here, but plenty of hot water comes out from deep under the earth, manifesting as bubbling mud pools, geysers, and warm streams. Rotorua is also home to a rich Maori culture, sublime wildlife and landscapes, and plenty of adrenaline-packed…

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  • Here's a cool account of a visit to Hobbiton, New Zealand's newest and already most popular tourist attraction, near Auckland, where scenes from the film adaptions of JRR Tolkien's Middle Earth novels were filmed. Beforehand she'd had her doubts, but was won over!
    I've never seen 'The Lord of the Rings' but went to the New Zealand set where it was filmed. It's o…
    Insider's author saw the New Zealand movie set where "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit" were filmed and thought no tourist should miss it.
  • Last year I posted a comment here about NZ ranked in the top ten of “expat” favorites according to an HSBC Bank survey. Then lo and beyond, I read about another survey, from Internations, ranking it as one of the very worst (read why at the link). What to believe?
    100% pure rip-off? New Zealand voted second-worst place to move to
    Cost of living too high and pay too low, say survey respondents, though natural environment, climate and sporting life are appreciated
  • Here's a great look at the highlights of the North Island from the Aussie travel site
  • After two years of no international visitors, New Zealand originally hadn't planned to reopen to international travelers from more than 50 visa-waiver countries - without any quarantine measures - in October, but has now moved that up considerably, to May 1:
    New Zealand Will Reopen to Vaccinated U.S. Travelers Earlier Than First Planned
    After two years of no international visitors, New Zealand will reopen to travelers from visa waiver countries, beginning May 1, with no quarantine me…
  • As an immigrant to another country myself (after all, that's what a so-called "expat" is, right?), I keep an eye on the trends in this area, and the international financial services company HSBC has for 14 years done a survey of expats (though they've never gotten around to me lol), and NZ is firmly in the top ten on the latest, just released, for 2021:
    Ready to Move Abroad? These Countries Offer the Best Quality of Life for Expats
    They've got that whole work-life balance thing all figured out.
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  • If you're a media rep for any luxury boutique hotels in Asia and/or Oceania, take a look at this writer's post:

  • Dear New Zealand PR executive and/or luxury hotelier,

    My wife and I are travelling around the world on a 500-day honeymoon. In each region we pick one luxury boutique hotel to partner with exclusively for said region. We post two articles per resort on as well as numerous social media posts across Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Foursquare, Instagram, YouTube, etc..and most importantly each partner becomes the exclusive resort in their respective region on - If anyone in this group represents a luxury hotelier/resort in New Zealand, we would love to talk more. Please drop us a line ( and we can answer any questions and forward over our formal proposal for your review.

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  • Thanks, Koru. Putting it on my list.

  • Volunteering is a great way of making new friends, come close to birdlife and to keep fit, Have done volunteering in a number of occasions i.e. Project Jonah, volunteer planting days etc. Check out various volunteer websites, it's great. Up here in Auckland you can volunteer and see kiwis on the conservation projects on Motuihe and Tiri Tiri Matangi.

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