For millions each year, no vacation is complete without exploring the huge variety of museums throughout the world. Here's a place to discuss our favorites, & what's hot in the world's museums.

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8 cool museums (museums??) of Las Vegas

 Jeremy Thompson Still one of the planet’s top destinations, this flashy vision in the USA's Nevada desert is of course world-famous for its world-class casinos, shopping, shows, dining, nightlife, and attractions. But most of us wouldn’t necessarily think of “Sin City” as a place for museum mavens and culture vultures. And yet, in my visits to Las Vegas I’ve come across some pretty impressive museums indeed, along both traditional and also definitely untraditional lines. Sadly, the Liberace…

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Fascinating marine archaeology at Stockholm's Vasa Museum

    The deep waters of the North Sea, leading to the scenic fjords, make for spectacular cruising offshore Scandinavia. A passage between Sweden and Denmark, an entrance to the Baltic Sea, opens up time-honored routes of trade and conquest. Today, with multiples of port stops in six countries, we can visit Scandinavia for shopping, dining, and educational sightseeing. It's enjoyable to share what I learned from the Stockholm port excursion aboard Viking Cruises, on a "Viking Homelands" cruise.…

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11 of Boston's best museums

Kalim Saliba For those interested in U.S. history, "Beantown" is a bonanza, with its many sites and neighborhoods rich in colonial, revolutionary, and republican history over its more than 400 years of existence. But the capital of Massachusetts is also one of this country’s great cultural powerhouses, in performing arts, academia, and museums. Not for nothing has it been dubbed “the Athens of America." Furthermore, the Boston metro area is especially packed with museums – more than 40, from…

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Museums in '5 of Oslo's Top Attractions'

Tore Storm Halvorsen   Norway's beautiful capital is a major global hub, yet only around 20 percent of its extension is truly urbanized, so in addition to city streets it's possible to spend time in parks, woodlands, hills, and lakes. Oslo's major avenue, Karl Johans gate, is lined with pedestrian-friendly areas. Oslo's main pedestrian boulevard begins at Oslo Central Station on the waterfront and winds its way past several prominent tourist attractions, including the Royal Palace and National…

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  • A landmark opening in Charleston, South Carolina:
    The International African American Museum reckons with Charleston's history
    Historians estimate that some 90 percent of African Americans can trace one ancestor back to Charleston. The International African American Museum ce…
  • I lived in Washington DC for about 24 years starting in 1988. Luckily it wasn't long before I became a part of the "CultureCorps" invited and attending every Smithsonian museums opening, the wonderful press breakfasts at the sadly gone Corcoran, Meeting hundreds of artists and previewing their exhibits. Loving Larry Rivers, Arthur Tress, and others not so much. I became friends with famed Public Art expert Francoise Yohalem and always purple-wearing Bill Wooby, loved by so many he helped. The first Spy Museum was quite small but entertaining and I remember Tamar wife of Milton Maltz founder telling me this had been one of his dreams. The Freer and Sackler were my favorite Smithsonian museums. Like Paris, London, Rome,
    and all the great capitals of culture Washington, DC is the best museum city in the US and outstanding for all tourists.
    • Lucky lady you! I lived in DC during my four years at Georgetown University and during that time did make something of a dent in its rich museum scene. I've chipped further away at it in my subsequent visits - most recently last year at the enlightening (and sometimes searing) National Museum of African American History and Culture. I've never made it to the Freer and the Sackler but after your endorsement it's on my list for the next time around!
  • Adding to the comment below from Barbara, DC is of course one of the USA's best museum cities - enough to keep you coming back for at least a second and even third visit.And just yesterday the website - which covers a lot more these days than just airline mileage progams - highlighted five lesser known ones (and of these, I've been to two - one of which, the Spy Museum, I wrote about here on Tripatini - and re the other three am taking note for my next visit!):
    The Points Guy - Maximize your travel.
    Maximize your travel.
  • Whenever I'm in DC I'm always faced with an embarrassment of museum riches, and it's hard to decide which to visit. Travel+Leisure recently "narrowed it down" to 15 of the best. Thanks a lot, lol. But still, pretty helpful!
    15 Best Museums in Washington, D.C.
    Here are 15 of the best museums in Washington, D.C. to check out on your next trip to the capital.
  • I recently caught this interesting piece about Singapore's Haw Par Villa, a theme park established in the 1930s not with rides but rather statues and dioramas illustrating key aspects of Chinese mythology and Buddhist lore. And it turns out what everyone is most interested in its "ten courts of hell." And so they've just revamped it with the ten courts now constituting a standalone "Hell Museum" within the 21-acre site:
    Singapore's Hell's Museum demystifies death -- with a smile
    Singapore's Haw Par Villa is a sprawling complex of sculptures and exhibits focused on Buddhist beliefs. Its 10 Courts of Hell has finally been recog…
  • Several weeks ago the BBC revisited Bilbao’s Guggenheim Museum and looked at how it reinvigorated the city. I’ve visited the city twice - once before and once after - and I can attest the differences are significant
    Bilbao's Guggenheim Museum celebrates its 25th anniversary
    Bilbao's Guggenheim Museum transformed the face and fate of Bilbao when it opened in 1997.
  • The Washington Post shone a light several months ago on a little known but quite interesting side to Canada that might be of interest to some visitors: five museums showcasing black history, in Ontario, Nova Scotia, and even Saskatchewan:
  • Oslo's Nasionalmuseet (National Museum) just made its debut this month:
  • Climate change is already affecting many aspects of life across all sectors, and museums are no exception. This piece from CNBC on its effects on institutions in the USA is especially sobering:
    Museums are in a race to save America's treasures from climate change
    The world's museums are facing rising risks from climate change, from floods to fires to excessive heat. Investment in resilience is still sorely lac…
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