This 3-island Mediterranean country (Gozo, Comino, & Malta itself) is a fascinating anomaly -- developed by medieval crusaders & speaking a language akin to Arabic. Good dining & nightlife in capital Valletta, charming villages, great beaches.

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Cool things to see/do in St. Paul's Bay (San Pawl il-Bahar)

Xwejnusgozo    If you're thinking about going on a sun-splashed holiday with your family or significant other, then choosing the destination of St Paul’s Bay - San Pawl il-Bahar in Maltese - is a fantastic option (named, by the way, because tradition has it that the biblical St. Paul was shipwrecked here on a journey from Caesarea to Rome). Just a half-hour drive southeast from Malta's capital Valletta, this town's normal population of just over 23,000 more than doubles, to around 60,000 in…

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4 reasons to make it to marvelous Malta

             On one of the quirkiest islands (well, archipelago) in the Mediterranean Sea, you'll find a fascinating society that's one of Europe's most densely populated, essentially founded during the mediaeval Crusades by a quasi-military Catholic religious order, the Knights of Malta; and where locals drive on the left and are basically bilingual in English and the native language - Europe's only Semitic tongue, largely a hybrid of Arabic and Sicilian. Furthermore, this singular country…

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  • It´s been a great Euro Pride in Malta this year - and underscores the country´s fantastic continuing first place on the Rainbow Europe index for eight years running now:
    The massive party that celebrates everything Malta stands for
    Peter Green, the Malta Tourism Authority’s trade trainer for UK & Ireland, explains why EuroPride has been such a significant event for the island to…
  • I'm hoping to finally get to Malta this year, and I'll be sure to make full use of Valletta highlights from the Times of London:
    Valletta city guide: your weekend break sorted
    Europe’s most southerly capital is a historic jewel box tucked between bastion walls, a golden lattice of limestone streets surrounded by a sparkling…
  • Malta is especially known for its beaches and the impressive medieval architecture of Valletta. But what intrigues me even more is its megalithic sites - and top of the list is the two-temple complex called Ġgantija on Malta's smaller island, Gozo and at 5,500 year old, predate Egypt's pyramids - indeed, it's the second oldest manmade structure still standing, after Göbekli Tepe in Turkey. Naturally it's a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and you can read more info here:
    Visiting the Ġgantija Temples in Gozo: What to expect and is it worth it?
  • In observance of Pride, The Guardian just came out with a piece on Europe's ten best gay-friendly destinations - and here's why Malta made the cut:
    10 of Europe’s best destinations for LGBTQ+ travellers this Pride season | Gay and lesbian travel |…
    From Madrid to Mykonos our writer picks the most queer-friendly holiday spots in Europe
  • As a longtime language geek, I'm a devotee of the YouTube channel of one of the hugest language geeks I know of, Canadian Paul Jorgensen, an expat in Japan whose LangFocus channel dives deep into all sorts of linguistic questions from all over the world on a regular basis. So here's Paul's take on Maltese, which is a quite unique amalgam of Arabic, Italian, English, and several other tongues, and written in the Roman alphabet. Fascinating!
  • Recent travel article on Malta:

    Experiencing Malta – the sun-drenched crossroads of the Mediterranean
    History, gastronomy and Jewish heritage highlight a visit to this island fortress.
  • Recent article:

    Experiencing Malta – the sun-drenched crossroads of the Mediterranean
    History, gastronomy and Jewish heritage highlight a visit to this island fortress.
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  • The people at Corinthia Hotels will be in a good mood today: The Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa in Malta and the Corinthia Hotel St. Petersburg in Russia, have been named "Malta’s Leading Hotel" and "Europe’s Leading Meetings and Conference Hotel," respectively, at the World Travel Awards (WTA) European regional ceremony held in Antalya, Turkey. If you've stayed at the Corinthia in Malta, let us know what you thought of it.
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