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Luxury properties in '12 of Florida's Best Resorts'

Attracting more than 120 million holidaymakers annually, the Sunshine State is famously home to many beautiful beaches on both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, and is known for its bright sunshine, tall palm trees, crystal clear turquoise waters, expansive beaches, theme parks; and resorts. And here's our list of picks (obviously by no means exhaustive) of a dozen of the best resorts - from very affordable to very exclusive, and intimate to enormous - across the state:   read post  

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The luxurious plantation inns of Nevis - and Alexander Hamilton

A few years ago, the fact that an island was the birthplace of one of the USA's Founding Fathers, Alexander Hamilton, would have elicited very little excitement. But in recent years, since the advent of the hit Broadway musical Hamiliton, Nevis is all of a sudden a must-see destination.  The very first line of the musical leads you here: “How does a bastard, orphan, son of a whore and a Scotsman, dropped in the middle of a forgotten spot in the Caribbean… “ That spot would be Nevis.  But more…

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4 of the Caribbean's top luxury rental villas

In the market for a nice place to call your own on a warm-weather vacation getaway this winter, for example in the Caribbean? Instead of the usual resort, give a thought to renting your very own luxury Caribbean villa, which can be as or more affordable while providing unparalleled privacy and comfort. Here are examples on five islands, marketed through Caribbean Escape, that you'll surely fall in love with! read post

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  • Hi - I am a freelance writer and have an article that covers luxury travel in in Mexico.
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  • Free members-only travel site to check out:

    TripAlertz uses the power of group buying to sell members-only travel deals at deluxe hotels & resorts, and will launch in beta on October 5th (you can preview deals now). The multi-night deals are up to 75% off prices found on public online travel sites. And right now, they’re giving away 250 free trips to the first 10,000 members! Plus, you earn credits for future bookings (Trip Tokens) by referring friends.

    How it works: Members reserve private travel deals within a one-week booking period (two weeks for international hotels). The more people that book, the lower the price goes, and everyone pays the same price when the deal clock hits zero. Once booked, members can opt to meet and share advice with their fellow travelers on a private collaboration page before and after their trip (not everyone travels on the same date).

    There’s some great deals featured at luxury hotels like the Trump International Beach Resort in Miami, the Crescent Hotel in Beverly Hills, and the Hotel Marina El Cid Spa & Beach Resort in Riviera Maya. Check it out!
  • Hacienda Tres Rios Resort, Spa and Nature Park sounds luxurious right? Well, yes, it is. It is a self-sustaining resort that offers elegance and luxury in the heart of a 300 acre nature preserve. We hope to see you soon!

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  • Caribbean Vacation Properties is a privately held company specializing in three key areas of Real Estate on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic; Luxury Villa Rentals, General Real Estate Sales, and Property Development.
    Its principals have successfully owned, operated, and managed hotels and condominium hotels for over 20 years in the South Florida area.

    This group of professionals has maintained a single focus on condominium resorts disbursing over $15,000,000 in unit owner’s annual rental revenue. This same group of professionals has expanded their target market to include the north coast of the Dominican Republic where they soon became one of the most recognized resort managers and developers on the north coast. With their expansion into the Caribbean, this group has become successful in cross marketing their Caribbean properties with their international marketing program for their Florida hotel operations.

    In 2003, CVP’s principles made the corporate decision to invest heavily on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. In five short years CVP was able to establish themselves as the leading authority in luxury villa rentals catering to very select clients. Bringing true professionalism to the North Coast real estate industry, CVP quickly earned the respect and reputation it enjoys in this industry today. Currently, Caribbean Vacation Properties enjoys the reputation as one of the largest luxury property developers on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic and offers a unique selection of exclusive properties and real estate developments.
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