Moien! This trilingual micro-state tucked betwixt France, Belgium, and Germany is more proof that good things come in small packages, including chateaux, spas, elegant architecture, tasty eating, & lovely scenery.

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Esche-sur-Alzette 1 of 3 European Capitals of Culture for 2022

Visit Luxembourg   Annually since 1985, the cultural poobahs of the European Union have desginated one or more of the continent's cities (and as of 2022 it's three), as Capitals of Culture, focusing on their cultural offerings, allowing them to organize a series of cultural events (many with a strong pan-European dimension); bring in considerable additional revenue; foster urban renewal; and raise their international profiles and images. Since the very first one, Athens, most of the better…

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  • Luxembourg gets rave reviews - come here *instead of* Paris this summer?! - from a writer for the New York City-based business and lifestyle site
  • The Guardian recently ran a piece on ten European cities with exceptional street art, and Esche-sur-Alzette was at the top of the list - having something to do, no doubt with its tenure as one of this year's European Capitals of Culture, whether as cause or effect:
    ‘Brilliant and ever-changing’: readers’ favourite street art in Europe | Street art | The Guardian
    From Penge to Sardinia, exuberant street art makes neighbourhoods more vibrant and casts light on local history and culture – or just gives you a lau…
  • A few years ago, my boyfriend gave me a trip to luxembourg as a birthday present. Cool, huh!?
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