Perhaps lowest on the radar in Southeast Asia, this Buddhist "land of a million elephants" is today a laid back trekking mecca and a trove of eco-wonders and splendid cultural monuments such as the city of Luang Prabang.

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The top 10 allures of Luang Prabang

This city of 55,000 on the Mekong River in north central Laos is the country's top tourism magnet for good reason: it's a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its remarkable ancient , Luang Prabang in Laos is one of the most visit places in Asia before it turns into another common tourist place. On my visit there, I had a chance to explore and experience the best of Luang Prabang which is also an UNESCO World Heritage Site, so here are 10 things you can do in Luang Prabang in no particular…

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Wonderful hill-country trekking around Luang Prabang

Northern Laos is famous for its natural beauty: rolling green hills and mountains interspersed with rice fields and countless water buffalo. From the moment we arrived in South East Asia, a trekking adventure through the countryside and staying with a local tribe family was top of our list of things to do. Once we arrived in Luang Prabang, we knew this was the place to do it... read complete post

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Sihanoukville Travel Tips

Sihanoukville, originally called Kampong Som, is a port city in southern Cambodia. This city sits on a headland ringed by pristine beaches, overlooks the Gulf of Thailand and offers lost of activities from sunbathing and swimming to snorkeling and scuba diving, to boat trips and jungle hikes, etc... With a lay back atmosphere, Sihanoukville is rapidly a popular destination for those who want to get away from cities and spend some days for relaxation. When to go? In Sihanoukville, there are…

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  • Here's a short (just about six-minute) but lovely video without narration capturing the allures of Laos - both natural and manmade, both grandiose and intimate - that does a masterful job of giving anyone interested in travel a delicious taste of what awaits here
  • Dear Laos PR executive and/or luxury hotelier,

    My wife and I are travelling around the world on a 500-day honeymoon. In each region we visit we pick one luxury boutique hotel to partner with exclusively for said region. We post two articles per resort on as well as numerous social media posts across Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Foursquare, Instagram, YouTube, etc..and most importantly each partner becomes the exclusive resort in their respective region on for an entire year (at no cost to any party, 100% barter) - If anyone in this group represents a luxury hotelier/resort in Laos, we would love to talk more. Please drop us a line ( and we can answer any questions and forward over our formal proposal for your review.

    Mike & Anne

    A Tripatini tour operator member is seeking a land-tours partner in Luang Prabang. If interested, please click on this link to our Ask A Travel Expert forum.
  • We are thinking of spending 3-4 weeks in Laos this coming Dec-Jan. A hotel would likely be too expensive for this length of time. All we need is a simple one-bedroom flat or bungalow for a couple, with no A/C if there is a ceiling fan. Any leads for finding appropriate, reasonably-priced accommodations would be appreciated.


  • hello everyone here
  • for something different visit Viengxay, the birthplace of the modern Lao PDR. A remote and stunning limestone karst environment with 468 caves used to shelter 20,000 people for nine years during the most sustained bombing campaign in world history.
    A government in exile developed underground offices, planning rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, hospitals, a theatre, schools, printing works, a supermarket, steel works, fuel depots, textile production and much more in this remarkable hidden city.
    A recently launched world class audio tour allows those who lived in the caves during the war years to guide visitors through their caves and their history. Described on travel blogs as "the highlight of an extensive regional tour" and "extraordinary - utterly absorbing", please find out more and listen to extracts of the audio tour at
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