Once part of the USSR and now one of Central Asia's lesser-known "stans" (and that's saying a lot), this mountainous country's highlights include trekking; community tourism especially among nomads; and the huge, colorful outdoor marketplace of Osh. Definitely one of travel's new frontiers!

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Detained by the police in Kyrgyzstan!

The Osh Bazaar in the capital Bishkek was a hive of activity. Endless arrays of fruit and vegetables, clothes and mops, electrical components and everything else the locals could want were on offer. It also had a contingent of policemen, two of whom were watching me, though I didn’t know it at the time. After watching me sample - and be dramatically repulsed by - a cup of Kyrgyzstan’s national drink, kumis (fermented mare's milk), they moved in and pounced... keep reading

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  • Here's a look at capital Bishkek from a pair of Canadian vloggers: https://youtu.be/vytSLjPZmsg
  • A pretty good Kyrrgystan video overview from several months ago posted on YouTube by a 30something Londoner called Ucman Scher (BrownBoyTravels.com) who also puts his stuff out on his website as well as Instagram and TikTok: https://youtu.be/N9IQ-5ComTE
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    Wow, I just happened across a photo essay called "My Photos of Kyrgyzstan, the Hidden Gem of Central Asia," and man, are they mind-blowing! Check it out: 


    My Photos of Kyrgyzstan, The Hidden Gem of Central Asia
    I just returned from 3 weeks in Kyrgyzstan. As a landscape photographer, I have traveled to lots of countries in the world so I guess I can say I am
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