When is the best time to visit Israel?

I have some clients in my list who are building up interests in visiting Israel (Jerusalem) for religious purpose. I have contacted some tour operators in Israel and get more confused with their responses, some say Easter time, Christmas time, Summer time other say anytime is good. With your experience, when do you consider the best time?

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  • Almost anytime is the best time, but you need to know your client. There are those who love going during the holiday times to experience the added spirituality, however there is both an economic cost to this as well as that of heavy crowds. If one really want to be able to take in the religious shrines, churches, synagogues and other historic sights, then they want to pick a season which is not related to the holidays. Mid October (after all of the Jewish holidays) until mid December are good off months, but weather is a little unpredictable. There may be some rain, but not horrible. Then mid- January to beginning of March will have again some rain and cooler weather in Jerusalem and up north. April and May you will have both Easter and Passover as well as Independence Day, making the pricing higher. After June 15th through October, prices will be high. July and August are also hot, so if your clients don't like the heat, then the summer is not for them.


  • I can second what Ed and Laura have to say, although if your clients are used to hot weather, June can also be OK. Basically, if you avoid July/August, Jan./Feb., and peak holiday periods, you should be all right.

  • If you're looking for best time regarding price and weather, that would be either March. October or early November, but not around any Jewish or Christian holidays as those will be high season prices.  Those months are generally great for lower season prices. Winter is the rainy season and summer is hot, hot, hot, crowded and expensive.   If this is group travel,  you need to plan about a year in advance in order to get the best pricing for flights.

  • Christmas and Easter are great for Christian pilgrims, of course. as long as everyone understands that they'll be paying a premium to be there at that time, and (of course) sites will be crowded. In addition, Jerusalem weather can be pretty darned miserable at Christmastime; they might have to deal with being outdoors when it's 40something degrees (Fahrenheit) and raining.  

    Summer? I disagree completely and uncategorically. In summer it's crowded, too, because that's when a lot of people with kids visit. It's also hot as hell, even in much of the Galilee.

    For me, the best times are fall -- perhaps right after the four back-to-back holidays that begin with Rosh Hashonah -- and April/May, as long as you steer clear of Easter. Of course, also bear in mind that I'm not religious. 

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