One of the world's largest countries, this 18,000-island archipelago mixes Muslim & Hindu, & boasts an extraordinary culture & cuisine. Highlights: Java, Bali, Sumatra, Sulawesi. Borobodur is one of the world's most famous ancient temples.

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Bali cited in 'Using Astrology to Plan Travel this Holiday Season' Still vibrant and popular today, the five-thousand-year-old art of astrology can identify, say, business and romantic opportunities or challenges. And those celestial bodies slinking about the stars can also help pinpoint optimal times and places for travel. And since destinations have their own astro-charts -- which interact with yours -- astrology can even serve as a kind of spiritual travel agent. It can tell you, for example, about places likely to be harmonious or challenging…

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6 of Bali's most popular attractions

This singular island in Indonesia is a pocket-full-of-sunshine and a favorite destination for tourists. With more than ten huge cities and nine scenic destinations, Bali has something for everyone, including cultural and spiritual landmarks, the beauty of the beaches, the grandeur of the volcanic mountains, the finger-licking Balinese food and the spectacle of traditional Balinese performers. Bali has endless places to explore and things to do (check out our company's seven-day Bali itinerary,…

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  • As Ramadan gets underway, Indonesia scraps COVID-19 pandemic travel restrictions in place for two years
    Indonesia Scraps Travel Quarantine
    The easing of restrictions follows a decline in COVID-19 cases in the Southeast Asian archipelago.
  • Truly the most fascinating countries in the region with a very diverse culture/s. Pity that not much has been done to promote the many different islands (save for Bali).

    As a tour operator who specialises in exposing the indigenous cultures we have developed and operated many different tours which go into the remote areas of many of the islands - see 

    Indonesia also offers a long established and cultural heritage. I do feel that it is important that the concerned authorities promote the diverse cultures and tourism. 

  • I had an interesting experience on my last trip to Bali. We went to a funeral ceremony and took plenty of photos. When we had the photos developed, nothing but a gray mist was visible. Everything else we shot with the same camera and film9011265101?profile=original was normal. Very strange.

  • Conquering the second highest volcano in Indonesia, Mt. Rinjani.

    Journey to Mount Rinjani


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  • Mentawai Cultural Tours

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  • Dear Indonesia PR executive and/or luxury hotelier,

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    Mike & Anne

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    Welcome Mentawais

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