In one of the lesser-known states of the U.S. Rockies, nature is the name of the game. It's home to part of Yellowstone National Park as well as other cool parks and reserves. Great skiing, too, and there's always capital Boise for that urban touch.

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5 great Idaho spots for kayaking/paddle boarding

Kayaking and paddle boarding are ideal ways to experience nature in an adventurous way. All you need is the equipment, some suitable clothing, and you are on your way to explore the rivers. Even beginners who have little experience of this craft learn to negotiate their way through the water quickly. Though the USA has many beautiful spots to indulge in this water sport activity, Idaho is considered the best of all. With nearly ten rivers and hundreds of lakes in the state it is named as the…

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Wines of Idaho's Snake River Valley

Move over potatoes, grapes are coming.  Idaho’s state slogan was “famous potatoes”, it has evolved to “great potatoes, tasty destinations”; undoubtedly, at least in part, due to the wonderful wines being produced along the Snake River Valley.  With a climate akin to the Columbia Valley in Washington State, and elevations similar to Spain’s Rioja region, Idaho produces primarily Bordeaux and Spanish varietals, with a smattering of German vines.  While some wine was produced here as far back as…

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  • I've long loved Sun Valley for its skiing, and was interested to read this piece in Travel+Leisure about how it's a great four-seasons destination, too:
    This Small Town in Idaho Is Known for Skiing — but It's Worth Visiting in All Four Seasons
    This small town in Idaho is known for skiing, but it's worth visiting in all four seasons. Here's what you need to know to plan the perfect trip to S…
  • Being a college town, Boise is one heck of a great place for a pub crawl. Come on along, today at The World on Wheels.
    THE COCKTAIL HOUR: Boise Pub Crawl
    When Boise was decided as a destination, it was because I asked Tim "I have three college towns we can visit, you choose. Eugene (OR), Provo...
  • Today at The World on Wheels, we've got the blues...but that's OK. It's because we're going on a beautiful downtown Boise river walk in search of their world famous blue football field.
    Boise Blues
    The weather is nice today in downtown Boise, a little breezy but sunny and just on the cool side of warm. We head off south on 9th Street fo...
  • We get to the heart of Basque culture in America in Boise, at The World on Wheels.
    Basquing in Boise
    Back in October, I received an email from Hyatt. Luckily, I didn't delete it and read was informing me that I had over 15,000 reward...
  • Check out my article on Twin Falls at:
  • The next North Idaho Tourism Summit will be held in the Coeur d'Alene area this October - date and location not yet finalized, RFPs due by Friday, May 15th. The past three Summits have provided a powerful networking and information-sharing forum for 100-120 tourism-related providers in our region, and we are looking forward to continuing to grow these connections!
  • So, was wondering if there are unique cultural stories in Boise, Idaho? Also, daughter recently flew to Boise State to check it out for their engineering and honors college program. Anyone have any insights?
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