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Get a piece of the Rock: inimitable Gibraltar in the spotlight

One of Europe’s quirkier enclaves – as well as its last remaining colony – is a singular bit of business stuck down at the foot of the Spanish region Andalusia. And if you happen to be in the neighborhood – especially the Costa del Sol, many of whose main resort areas lie within a drive of and hour to 90 minutes – Gibraltar‘s unusual mix of history, sociology, and nature is well worth a day trip or even overnighter. And nowadays, perhaps more than ever, now that the territory has become even…

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Gibraltar shout-out in 'Intriguing Enclaves, Colonies, and Mini-States of Europe

I've always had a thing about the quirky little corners of this continent that’s famously a patchwork of ethnicities and accidents of history, and there are a few bits and pieces scattered across Europe that are quirkier than others. They range from some some you’ll recognize and know something about to some you’ve probably never heard of. I’ve visited many, while several are still on my bucket list. What intrigues me so much about them? Maybe it’s simply the allure of the under-the-radar and…

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Gibraltar a fascinating colonial relic

Gibraltar is a peculiar place. This small peninsula holds a transit and customs area, an airport, a port, a British village and two settlements, offices and the cliff itself, all in an area no larger than 6.8 km². It holds a position as one of the world’s most populous regions, with an average of 4,290 people per square complete post

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