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3 of Europe's most gay/LGBTQ-welcoming cities

SolStock Welcome once again to Pride month, celebrated in increasing numbers of destinations around the world - although also under pressure in some of them, sadly even including part of the United States, the very country where the celebration of Pride originated. Of course, depending on where you go, travelling while LGBT+ can be a challenge, particularly if you're with a same-sex partner and/or if you are visibly queer. Sadly, there are still many countries where being gay is still…

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Mister BandB adding new types of gay travel guides

Vice News profiles a multiplatform brand which seeks to aid black travelers with new kinds of travel guides, tours, and resources, especially to African-diaspora destinations. Have a look, and check out more info at this link: https://www.vice.com/en/article/4avzn9/how-black-and-abroad-and-misterbandb-are-creating-new-types-of-travel-guides.

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LGBTQ+ Danger Index rates countries for both locals and visitors

Just came across a Guardian piece published a few weeks ago with some interesting findings from something called the LGBTQ+ Danger Index, which ranks the world's 150 most-visited countries using eight factors, including legalized same-sex marriage, worker protection and whether, based on Gallup poll findings, it is a good place to live. Sweden comes in first, followed by Canada, Norway, Portugal and Belgium. My adopted country Spain comes in at number 10, but my native country the USA is just…

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How should travelers/travel industry respond to Brunei's barbarism against gays?

Many voices in the civilized world have been speaking out in horrified outrage at Brunei's new edict  decreeing death by stoning for gay sex, and numerous individuals and institutions joining a boycott. Should travelers and the travel industry/media join as well by not traveling to, working with, or covering Brunei, nor other entities associated with it such as the nine luxury hotels in the West owned by its sultan, such as London's Dorchester, the Plaza Athénée in Paris, and the Beverly Hills…

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  • Much of the Caribbean is still mildly to virulently homophobic, but there are a handful of cities which are an exception: https://travelnoire.com/gay-friendly-caribbean 
    The Most Gay-Friendly Cities in the Caribbean - Travel Noire
    Several Caribbean cities have experienced a wave of progress and acceptance, turning them into thriving havens for gay vacationers.
  • Like many people, I think of Africa as for the most part less than friendly to LGBTQ travelers - not to mention our brothers and sisters who live there. But a Cape Town tour operator called Out2Africa assures us that there are plenty of places where we can feel welcome and rewarded. Check them out, with some of their destination suggestions: https://www.out2africa.com/destinations
    Top Gay-Friendly Destinations in Africa | Out2Africa
    A list of all of our top gay-friendly destinations in Africa you should visit. Contact our Travel Experts at Out2Africa today for an obligation-free…
  • It´s been a great Euro Pride in Malta this year - and underscores the country´s fantastic continuing first place on the Rainbow Europe index for eight years running now. On my visit I didn´t notice anything particularly ¨gay¨ about it, but I sure had a great time! https://www.ttgmedia.com/features/the-massive-party-that-celebrates...
    The massive party that celebrates everything Malta stands for
    Peter Green, the Malta Tourism Authority’s trade trainer for UK & Ireland, explains why EuroPride has been such a significant event for the island to…
  • Wow, now friendly Canada has issued an official warning to its LGBTQ folks re travel to the USA. Fox ¨News¨ and its ilk are slamming it as misdirected when there are so many worse places where gays and lesbians are actually killed. But thanks to all the current homophobic jihads in Repub-ruled states, it´s leading to real-life violence in the US too, like the recent killing of the straight shop owner in California for flying the Pride flag. Even before this, years ago, there have been gay club shootings like at Pulse in Orlando, and now they will inevitably become more common. So yeah. danger for real. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2023/aug/31/canada-travel-warning...
    Canada issues travel advisory for LGBTQ+ residents visiting US
    Canadian government issues warning after numerous discriminatory laws passed in Republican-controlled states
  • Wow, I just have to comment about Vienna´s Kaiserbründl gay sauna, which I visited recently. I´ve been to a few in my day - most so-so, a few impressive, and several very impressive for various reasons. But never had I experienced one quite like this, behind a nondescript green door on a center-city side street. Kaiserbründl is Vienna's oldest bath house, opened in 1889 as the Centralbad and designed in an elegant Moorish motif, with exotic elements like horseshoe arches (the current name comes from the fact that at least four members of the Habsburg imperial family - Kaiser means emperor and Bründl means well - frequented the place in the late 19th and early 20th century). Check it out here: https://www.kaiserbruendl.at/en/

    Since the 1980s KB has been Vienna´s most popular gay male sauna, and it's huge (more than 18,000 square feet), mazelike, and with in addition to of course play cubicles has a bunch of amenities like a bar, a restaurant serving hot meals of local fare, a pool, steam and dry saunas, a playroom, a dark room, and a spacious, high-ceiling lounging area. It's also frequented by a varied clientele including some pretty hot guys - particularly right after work, from around 5:30 to 8:30, and especially good on Saturday and Thursdays (when there´s a foam party in one of the shower areas - where by the way I met a very interesting gentleman ha). And while overall I enjoyed Vienna, I can't say I´m necessarily dying to go back when there are so many other places still on my list, But I have to say, it would almost be worth a special trip back for one or two more visits to this ¨Imperial Well!¨
    KAISERBRÜNDL Herrensauna | Gay Sauna Vienna
  • Especially for Pride month: how some hotels roll out the rainbow carpet for LGBT! guests: https://www.washingtonpost.com/travel/2022/06/28/lgbtq-friendly-hot...
    Gay happy hour, neutral pronouns, a ‘glam room’: Hotels go LGBTQ-friendly
    Sensitivity training and paying for Pride events are two of the ways hotels work to build inclusivity for the LGBTQ community.
  • An interesting twist: CNN reports that according to its website, the tourism authority of notoriously homophobic Saudi Arabia - which criminalizes same-sex activity - is now claiming it is welcoming gay travelers. BBut under what terms? https://edition.cnn.com/travel/article/saudi-arabia-lgbt-tourists/i...
  • Very subjective and limited, of course, but worth a look, plus there's at least one that might surprise you: https://www.outtraveler.com/print-issue/best-places-for-lgbt-travelers
    7 Top Places For LGBTQ+ Travelers to Visit in 2023
    This year LGBTQ+ travelers want destinations that offer something special, whether that is cultural immersion, historical or culinary tours, out-of-t…
  • An cute piece in ThePointsGuy.com (not usually known for its "cute" pieces haha) about drag queens "taking over Antarctica" on the first LGBTQ cruise to the frozen continent: https://thepointsguy.com/news/drag-queens-antarctica-cruise/
    The Points Guy - Maximize your travel.
    Maximize your travel.
  • the UK's Gay Times just published a piece about how LGBTQ travel is booming again, and especially in connection with Pride celebrations - and includes a ranking put together by Airbnb of the 50 most popular Pride destinations - and I admit, I found some surprises here! https://www.gaytimes.co.uk/life/the-worlds-top-50-most-popular-trav...
    The world's Top 50 most popular travel destinations for Pride revealed
    Tens of thousands of nights have been booked with Airbnb hosts in major Pride destinations.
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