America's top vaycay state is best known for its beach resorts and theme parks. But besides the ersatz thrills of Orlando, the nightlife of South Beach, and the well-marketed Victoriana of Key West and Amelia Island, quiet hideaways abound as well.

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Miami's Ultra included in "The USA's Top 10 Music Festivals"

  Since debuting here in 1989, one of the world's premier electronic dance music festivals has been held in many cities across the globe, but this March event is still the biggest and most famous, with as many as 155,000 attending over two to three days in the city's Bayfront Park. with acts appearing over the years including Diplo, David Guetta, Calvin Harris, Moby, Tiësto, Armin van Buuren, and Paul Van Dyk. For more, read post  

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5 highlights in and around Tampa

Pixabay   Florida's third largest city (pop. just over 307,000), Tampa, its bay, and its surrounding areas including St. Petersburg have a lot to offer visitors. To get the most out of it all, rent a car from Alamo upon flying into Tampa Airport. And here are top of the five destinations/landmarks you won't want to miss:  read post    

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Panama City's 'Oyster Trail' cited in our post on themed itineraries in the USA

  "Nature's Grace" along the Maine Sculpture Trail. Photo by Alan Stubbs   Some people are traipsing through lovely landscapes as others explore history from days of North America's earliest tribal peoples to the present. Avid birders use binoculars to spot colorful feathered friends in flight while canoers and kayakers dip paddles into the water. At the end of the day, many of these visitors to Panama City, Florida, belly up to an oyster bar to enjoy freshly shucked bivalves prepared in a…

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Key West – Florida history wrapped up in fanciful funk & frivolity

Dreamstime     Key West, Florida is more than a place. It's a spirit, a funky energy that enters your soul and takes residence in your worldview as well as your inner vision. A state of mind more than a city; a way of life more than a place to live. It’s a lifestyle as much as a destination. All expressed in the absurdist poetry that is Key west, a language not spoken anywhere else in the country. But even recognizing all this, I didn’t fully have a grasp on the essence of this city until I…

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  • Loretta - I'll be going and will be happy to recap for you.
  • So bummed I'm going to miss The Travel Bloggers Show in Orlando next month. Haven't been to a conference there since SATW. Writing a piece for the new UK family travel website, Any Florida travelers care to share their fave family friendly nosh spots in the Sunshine State? Thanks!
  • OK Judy good answer. And I used to have people in Bremerton! Maria thanks for the link. When I was a kid my family couldn't dream of flying Pan Am, that airline was the Ritz to us. Then I got to the point where I was able to fly it and it was the Ritz compared to the crappy tin boxes flying around now.
  • Ed, probably true.. So long as they come to Florida, I'm good...
  • Hi Vincent, here's an article about the proposed Pan Am museum. Pan Am was a vital part of Miami and Key West history. City of Miami city hall is located in the former seaplane terminal in Coconut Grove.
  • St. Augustine's tourism numbers are just a hair short short of the numbers for its best-ever year, 2007, recession notwithstanding. Do you figure that this surge is happening because people have switched travel plans from the Gulf Coast to the East Coast ?
  • Vincent, many, many years ago my then husband and I were driving across country with our cocker spaniel en route to his new duty station in Bremerton, WA. We wanted to go to Disneyland (this was way before D'world) so Peaches went into the Disney kennel. She had fun and so did we.
  • Nobody has given me a good answer on why anyone would bring a dog to disneyworld. That's okay because there is no good answer. And does anyone know anything about the pan american airways museum that might get built in Miami? Its gotta be the first museum built to a bankrupt coporation.
  • I live in south FLA not Orlando but our local news station just did a report on Orlando. Disney is building a pet-hotel there. Am I nuts or are they nuts, why would you bring your dog to Disneyworld?
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