This volcanic archipelago in the South Pacific offers some wonderful tropical landscapes, spectacular reefs for diving and snorkeling, and a mostly Melanesian culture whose pre-Christian roots can still be experienced.

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  • Knocked out by the gorgeous 4K images in this very recently uploaded video of mostly drone footage from Fiji!
  • I started reading David Stanley's Fiji guide (Moon Handbooks) last night and couldn't stop. Great information, especially for first-time visitors. If you're interested in the islands, or planning a trip there, I recommend adding this book to your reading list. 
  • I'm looking for a local travel agency in Fiji to handle Fiji package tours and online hotel booking.

  • It seems my Fiji trips have always coincided with a coup! Each time, I've noticed some of the price-gouging you mention: for example, the price difference between kava purchased in Nadi versus Sabeto just outside. The NZH article mentions this, too: that tourists must learn the tricks to avoid the price traps. As our eastern seaboard goes to Florida, so I think New Zealanders and Australians will continue to go to Fiji to a lesser or greater extent, The islands' backpacker offerings that started in the 1990s help offset the resort price hikes, although they, too, have increased. What bothers me more is an incremental malaise that I sense has arisen from the spread of tourism, the excesses of some ex-pat operators, and the ongoing discrimination shown to the those of Indian ancestry.
  • The New Zealand Herald reports Fiji's prices for everything from hotel rooms to a can of Coke have gotten so high that the nation is going to lose business to competitors like Samoa. Even the Fijian Minister of Tourism is complaining about pricing. I haven't been to Fiji in years. Your thoughts?
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