The legendary land of the Pharaohs and its present-day Muslim and Coptic cultures offer one of the world's most iconic travel experiences. And there's a lot to like pricewise, too!

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Egypt's top 8 absolute musts

    One of the world's earliest great civilizations - from around 3150 to 332 BCE - ancient Egypt still fascinates, and is primarily the reason why more than 13 million visitors travel here each year. Here we've put together a list of the country's top attractions not to miss, whether you come independently or on a vacation package. Your life will never be the same! read post    

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The top 7 destinations of awesome Egypt

Egypt is one of the most distinctive countries of the African continent as well as the Middle East, with an impressive civilization stretching back more than 5,000 years. From its pyramids and palaces to its art, artifacts to its bustling cities, desert expanses, and beautiful beaches, it's a place that dazzles the senses and seizes the imagination. An excursion to Egypt will be the trip of a lifetime - and likely still leave much to explore on a second and even third visit. But for…

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4 fabulous highlights of Cairo

Old Cairo Nightlife During the daytime, the city of Cairo offers countless number of monuments and artifacts located in the Egyptian museum, the Giza pyramid complex and old Cairo dating back to more than 5,000 years spanning from the ancient Egyptian times to the Greco-Roman period to the Coptic era to the Islamic age to witness, but during night time it is a different story, when the city transforms into the most exciting hub for awesome nightlife, packed with a wide range of highly…

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  • I'm a daily reader of the Daily Beast web site, and yesterday came across this interesting account of its travel editor's tour of Egypt, a central feature of which was a five-day cruise down the Nile in a luxury dahabiya, a large, flat-bottomed wooden sailboat which makes stops in places other tours don't reach. Fascinating!
    How to Escape Egypt’s Crowds on a Chic Nile Sailboat
    Riding aboard Nour el Nil is rented elegance, lounging about on a deck as temples, reed-covered banks, and the dunes of the Sahara float by.
  • Get away with family, friends and celebrate EID Al-Adha in Istanbul.

    2013 Eid al Adha 6 day break in Istanbul. Very flexible tour package offers 3, 4, 5 and luxury accommodation options, full day halal tours to top attractions in the city, such as the Sultanahmet Square, Hagia Sophia Museum, Blue Mosque, Hippodrome, Grand Bazaar, Topkapi Palace, Dolmabahce Palace, Camlica Hill, Princes Islands and Green Bursa as well as a celebration cruise on Bosphorus with dinner, traditional shows and a lot of fun!

  • My mother and sister went to Egypt ten years ago when Mubaruk was strongly in power but even then it was not a safe place to visit. They could not walk around Cairo without their guide. 

  • I was in Egypt in October 2012 when locals were still hopeful about Morsy. Cruising the Nile on the Sonesta Star Goddess was wonderful. We stayed in Cairo a few days to visit the pyramids, museum and other historic sites--and felt perfectly safe. Tourism was just bouncing back. I managed to get two articles published before the unrest began again. I feel so sorry for the locals who depend on tourism--and, like Ed, I fear for the historic treeasures if the radicals have their way.

  • 7 years ago I went to Egypt with my parents and brother... and almost got sold for some camels!


  • Yesterday Egyptian Jihadist Al-Gohary called for the destruction of the pyramids and other pagan monuments. What will Egypt be like five years from now? 


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  • The kidnapped tourists in Egypt have been released, yet I wonder: With all this unrest, how can Egypt's tourism recover?

  • Hello, all!  A fellow Tripatini member is looking for practical advice and tips re travel in Egypt and also beach resorts. If you'd like to help, please reply not on this wall but at this link to our Ask A Travel Expert forum.

    لف شكر  alf šukr!

  • hi David

    let me tell you that the muslims said that they will prevent selling alcohol in public places and they will let the tourist to get his alcoholic drinks with him without any problems and as for the  bikinis and beaches they said they can not prevent any one of wearing the bikini but the most important thing is that the tourists who love Egypt because of it's attraction and beauty will not care about who is ruling and they will apply the rules because they are coming to experience Egypt and they know quite well that Egypt is not a place only for alcohol and bikini but Egypt is a place with a great value

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