Lots more than cheese, pastries, or fairy tales, Denmark and its sparkling capital Copenhagen are one of Europe's great treasures.

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A fairytale Christmas in Copenhagen

Susanne Nilsson Glædelig Jul! In the capital of Denmark – once home to 19th-century writer Hans Christian Anderson – the holiday atmosphere is like something out of one of his fairy tales. With the streets and buildings decked out in lights and Christmas decorations, and sidewalk stands and windows hawking roast chestnuts, mulled wine, and hot cocoa – and all of it often blanketed with a frosting of snow – this time of year there are few spots in Europe more ‘Yuletidey’-feeling…

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Danish spots in '25 Top Spots for Fall Foliage in Europe'

Autumn travel is already on the horizon! When you read about spectacular autumn foliage and leaf-peeping, the vast majority of the attention gets focused on places like the northerly regions of the USA. But many Europeans can tell you that large parts of the the Old Continent also burst into fall colours come September and October. The loss of trees’ photosynthesis and chlorophyll as winter approaches is our eyes’ and cameras’ gains, with landscapes dramatically transformed by the turning of…

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Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen, salty old queen of the sea

Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen, Friendly old girl of a town! 'Neath her tavern light On this merry night,Let us clink and drink one down! To wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen, Salty old queen of the sea!Once I sailed away, But I'm home today,Singing Copenhagen, wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen for me!These charming lines from the 1950s Danny Kaye musical Hans Christian Anderson (listen below) still do capture the friendly, comfy vibe of one of Europe's most charming and laid-back capitals (pop.…

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