Better known as a football (soccer) force than tourist destination, this peaceful central African land has been referred to as "Africa in miniature," especially offering some stunning eco, including superb game viewing. Lots of local cultures to explore, too -- the most famous being the Baka pygmies.

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Marketing department, Trust this email gets you well and on time. We are Cameroon based tour operator (Central Africa) where all Africa is in one country, we were overwhelmed visiting your beautiful website which has made us to contact you. So that we can unite, put down business strategies and agree on what kind of services will you be interested to be supplied with Global Bush Travel and Tourism Agency. A well-established company with over 10 years of combined experience and an excellent…

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  • recently ran a piece laying out the musts for visitors to Cameroon:
  • UNESCO World Heritage, 660-square-mile Waza National Park up north is number one in this country, but it's been devastated in recent years by a one-two punch of illegal logging and Boko Haram terrorists. Now the European Union is working with the local government to brink Waza back from the brink: Boko Haram terrorists scared off most tourists while poachers and illegal loggers continue to wreak havoc on the park.
    Cameroon to Revamp Wildlife Reserve Hit by Terrorism, Poaching, Deforestation
    Waza National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site on its northern border with Chad and Nigeria that went from attracting 4,000 tourists per year to…
  • In, one of the travel blogs I follow, I just came across a post about the top 15 spots to visit in this small country, and it's an eye-opener:
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