Not usually thought of as a travel destination, this small, lowlying country carved from northeast India in 1971 has a steadily growing tourism industry, offering archaeological sites, beaches, Buddhist monasteries, community & eco-tourism.

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  • The Sundarbans, shared with the Indian state of West Bengal, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is the world's largest mangrove forest, as well as home to more than a hundred Royal Bengal tigers. As such, it's perhaps the country's top tourism lure, and here's a good overview from the blog
  • Waiting for your message on UNESCO HEritage site in Bangladesh .
  • Greetings from your FB friend in Poland.
  • Hey Leyla Messian, I do not think Dhaka is unsafe for woman but I recommend you to visit to Bangladesh by group or if you cannot make it then contact your nearest travel agency or Airlines Office to get support from them. However, pickpockets or muggers are common like anywhere in Asia but if you are in group with guide then nothing will be problem for you. Travel by plane in Dhaka is slightly expensive than bus but I recommend you to travel by plane. Bangladesh is truly much developed than some Asian countries like shops, mall etc.If you need anymore information visit my site or ask question here.
  • The visa for US citizens is kind of expensive....... is there any price difference if one is traveling round trip to Banglasesh from India by bus?
    Also, the news has been reporting that Dhaka is unsafe for women even if we are wearing a dupatta and shalwarkamiz. Is this true? I've been all over W. Bengal and there was no problem.
  • I have tks to got to Bangladesh for a week but can't get any place to respond to my e-mails.. Is that typical?
  • New on the Tripatini blog: a look at some of the more happening/upscale areas of the capital, ...
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