The "final frontier" of travel on Earth, this majestic frozen continent isn't easy or inexpensive to get to. But many of those who have count it a dramatic -- even life-changing -- experience.

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How to score best fares on Antarctica cruises, plus 5 highlights

A continent of wonder that encompasses the South Pole, Antarctica is the driest, windiest, coldest, iciest region on Earth. Small and comfortable expedition cruises are open for booking so that travelers from all over the world can have the experience of a lifetime in the polar landscape, observing wildlife for many days. Being an icy land of pure wilderness, there is always excitement while cruising on a small ship an Antarctica cruise is a dream experience and optional activities such as…

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An expedition cruise to Antarctica

Do you ever want to get away from everything and take a vacation that is experiential in nature; something different and enriching to somewhere you’ve never been? Well that is what Rona and Ed Cukier set out to do when they participated in a three week cruise expedition to Antarctica. They arrived in Ushuaia where they boarded a cruise ship that had capacity for 300 passengers but chose to max out at 200 in order to protect the fragile Antarctic environment. In addition, when out exploring by…

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  • As much as I long to visit, this is a question I still struggle with:
    Popularity v conservation: Should Antarctica be on the 'no' list?
    More than 100,000 tourists will head to Antarctica this summer. Should we worry about damage to the ice and its ecosystems?
  • Several months ago, Vogue published a piece on "mindful" travel to Antarctica. Naturally it's extremely expensive - in this case involving a stay at a luxury camp called Echo:
    From Ice Climbing to Emperor Penguins, a More Mindful Way to Visit Antarctica
    Traveling with the carbon-neutral tour operator White Desert, one Vogue writer finds a new kind of luxury on the Antarctic tundras.
  • An cute piece in (not usually known for its "cute" pieces haha) about drag queens "taking over Antarctica" on the first LGBTQ cruise to the frozen continent:
    The Points Guy - Maximize your travel.
    Maximize your travel.
  • Antarctica travel has been booming in recent years, of course. But Fodors recently published an article surveying the field and asking the question: is it really worth the environmental impact to check off another item on a "bucket list"?
    Antarctica Has Become a Popular Destination. But Should You Actually Go?
    Fodor's provides expert travel content worth exploring so you can dream up your next trip. The world is a weird and wonderful place—we want to show y…
  • I'm a regular reader of The Daily Beast news site, and this recent article about the profusion of travel options to Antarctica caught my eye - and the piece also asks the question: increasingly, we can easily travel to the poles, but should we, given what a fragile environment it is, where disruptions that have planetwide implications for climate change?
    We Are Entering a Golden Age of Polar Travel
    But just because we can, does that mean we should?
  • OMG - "glamping" in Antarctica? Get ready - it's coming this November lol
    Glamp on Antarctica in Space-inspired 'Sky Pods' — With Emperor Penguin Visits and Martinis Stirred…
    A stay at Echo is $65,000 a person.
  • My dream destination and hope to make it there one day!

  • Anyone with knowledge of South Georgia or South Sandwich Islands? Need info re impressions of them.
  • What to wear in Antarctica, plus slideshow etc
    What to wear in Antarctica by Nicholas reardon of REARDON PUBLISHING (The Cotswold Publisher)
  • Hi can someone add my site to the info website section:
    The Antarctic Bookshop from Nicholas Reardon of REARDON PUBLISHING
    books and history on Antarctica and antarctic explorers such as Captain Scott, Edward Wilson and Reginald Skelton from Reardon Publishing
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