Its civil war long over, this Portuguese-speaking country in southwest Africa has a fledgling tourism industry heavy on eco & beaches; capital Luanda, meanwhile, is part hotspot & part dumpy.

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Kissama National Park, a phoenix of Angola

The story of the southwest African country of Angola‘s only remaining nature and wildlife park, along the Atlantic coast just 70 kilometres (42 miles) south of capital Luanda, is an extraordinary one – a story of birth, death, and rebirth that can sirve as an inspiration in these increasingly environmentally fraught times.  The game-hunting reserve originally founded in 1938 under the then colonial administration of Portugal, the 9,960 square km (3,845 sq. mi.) that in 1957 was converted…

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Is Luanda the Monaco of Africa?

In recent years, the capital of Angola – the southern African country which has long left the devastation of its civil war behind and whose annual growth rates of late have rocketed as high as 20 percent – has become this continent’s most thrusting boomtown (some have gone so far as to dub Luanda “the Monaco of Africa“). While much of this is due to petroleum (which despite the drop in world market prices is still the main moneymaker for this country), there’s also a nascent tourism industry is…

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  • While looking into the current tourism scene in Angola, I came across this short but interesting piece on food in Luanda - published in, of all places, the Cyprus English-language site
  • A little over a week ago, this video started racking up massive views on YouTube. Who knew that a city in Africa has become the world's priciest? Yep, it's Luanda. Have a look.
  • A pretty interesting 2021 report from Euronews on some fantastic ecotourism destinations in Angola - including one I did not expect - did you know that the magnificent dunes of the Namib desert reach into southwest Angola from tnieghboring Namibia?
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