Allianz Global Assistance USA is a leading consumer specialty insurance and assistance company with operations centers in 28 countries. It insures 13 million customers and is best known for its Allianz Travel Insurance plans.

In addition to travel insurance, AGA offers event ticket protection and unique services such as international medical assistance and concierge services. The company also serves as an outsource provider for in-bound call center services and claims administration for health insurers, property and casualty insurers, and credit card companies.

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How to choose the right travel insurance for your next vacation

It's going to be a big year for travel insurance. Really big. A survey by the travel-insurance-comparison site Squaremouth predicts 24 percent more travelers will insure their international trips in 2019 than last year. Generali, the travel insurance company, says travelers spent an average of $139 per trip on insurance in 2018, unchanged from the previous year. So do you have your travel insurance picked out already? "The right insurance policy will protect you from unexpected issues that…

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Understanding the differences between travel insurance policies

You wouldn’t travel without a passport or airplane ticket, but many of us happily jet off on a holiday without any travel insurance. Buying the right travel insurance policy for yourself and dependent loved ones can be the best travel decision you will ever make. Before a trip, make sure to ask yourself, “What if I fall sick or lose my luggage?”“Suppose I crash the car I hire, can I pay for my medical treatment or the cost of excess on the vehicle?” While we don’t expect any misfortune to…

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  • I have seven brothers and sisters -- don't ask. It wasn't easy growing up!! Travel insurance is a topic we still kid around with in my family, you see when I was 15 my older brother graduated from college and my parents decided to take us all back to Italy to meet relatives, visit our ancestral hometown, etc. That's eight kids plus two parents -- you do the math. About five days before the trip, my graduating brother came down with a CRIPPLING case of mono, he was flat on his back for about a month. Every symptom in the book. Needless to say, the trip was canceled. Had my parents bought insurance? NOT! So they were out a whole lot of money. Fortunately the airline was very understanding and gave them some kind of credit, and there were no hotels involved, as we were supposed to stay with relatives. But boy, did my parents learn a lesson! These days they won't go the corner store without buying insurance LOL

    So my advice would be, the more people in your party, the more you need insurance!

    Oh and we never did find out who my brother kissed to get the mono!!! ;-)

  • I luckily have only had one time when I wished I had purchased travel insurance.  My husband and I had been married just a year and planned a trip out to the east coast.  We were flying into Boston, renting a car and driving along the coast. We were staying in Bed and Breakfast Inns to make the trip more memorable.  I knew my grandfather was sick with brain cancer, he had found out he had it days after we were married.  He ended up dying the day before our vacation and the funeral was going to be when we were away.  I called all of the Inn's and none of them would refund our money, I had not purchased any type of travel insurance.  To tell you the truth, I hadn't expected anybody to believe the story because I'm sure people use death as an excuse to cancel a reservation.  The airline wouldn't do anything either.   My grandma told me not to cancel the vacation and that my grandpa wouldn't have wanted me to cancel it anyway.  I felt terrible but I knew she was right.  I ended up missing the funeral and learned a very valuable lesson about travelers insurance.  

  • As a travel agent that sells travel insurance regularly, I am a little embarrassed about my story.  Maybe being able to share it will help in my therapy.

    The family booked a Hawaii cruise last year.  This was a 12-night sailing from Ensenada to Honolulu.  I kept reminding myself that I needed to get the travel insurance for everyone.  The cruise date kept getting closer and still no insurance.  Finally, I tried to put my mind at ease by saying we really didn't need it since the majority of the trip was going to be in the US and any medical issues would be covered by other insurance.  

    The cruise crossing (1st 5 days) went super.  Then, the day before we arrived in Hilo, my dad had a heart attack.  He was taken off the ship at the port and would be hospitalized for the remainder of the cruise.  Fortunately, he recovered well and did not have major damage.  Unfortunately, he did not get to rejoin us and had to be flown back to San Diego a few days earlier than planned.

    What a mess with all the air change fees, hotel expenses and unused cruise time.  Sure wish I would have taken those few extra minutes to purchase the Allianz insurance for them!  Lesson learned.

  • As someone who works for Tripatini I'm not eligible for the prize, but even so, I want to share my own family travel insurance classic.  Back in the 1990s, my mom and dad were all excited to be going on a Viking Princess cruise of the Far East, starting in Hong Kong with port calls in Japan, Taiwan, Shanghai, and Dalian (in Manchuria, China) before ending up at Tianjin and transferring to Peking (oh, all right, Beijing - but then I get to call the country Chung-guo). 

    Anyhow...literally the week before departure, my mom slipped on the ice and broke her ankle. And no travel insurance bought!  Fortunately, I was unselfish enough to step in and take the trip so that at least it wouldn't go to waste (I know, whatta guy, eh?).  Yes, they were out $14K, but in this case at least someone in the family benefitted.  I can't imagine how I would've felt had it been me watching all that money literally go down the drain. I've been a travel insurance believer ever since.

  • We're pleased to report we have a winner from our popular recent #LaunchAllianzTravel contest on Twitter that concluded this past Tuesday night.  It's Christy Blanc (@TwistyBlank) of Summerville, South Carolina.  Enjoy your Kindle Fire, Christy! And thanks to all of you who played - we'll be offering another chance to win starting this Monday, and are dreaming up other things for the pipeline, so please stay tuned!!


  • Check out the photos from our successful media party in New York City on March 1 to mark our rebranding from Access America to Allianz Global Assistance! 

  • Zorionak!! from the Basque country in Spain! I have use Allianz travel insurance many times & fortunatley i still have'nt need it but is good to know You are protected! :-)

  • I always buy travel insurance when I travel. Lesson learned the hard way after one trip where I didn't and I broke my ankle. My boyfriend never forgave me for that one...

  • We welcome the establishment of this group and congratulate the company on its success and its rebranding!

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