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A look at the traditional arts and crafts of Kenya

  For many, the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to Kenya is wildlife and safaris. But visitors should also keep in mind this country´s rich artistic and cultural heritage - thanks to its more than 70 ethnic groups such as the Kikuyu, Kamba, Luhya, Maasai, and Kalenjin  - both to witness (such as tribal dances) and to buy as mementos of their trip here (esecially masks, figurines, and other forms of sculpture). This beautiful country keeps the spirit of its ancestors alive…

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5 Key Places in the USA to Explore the Life & Legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. The unwavering commitment to equality, justice, and nonviolent protest of one of the premier civil rights leaders of the 20th century had a profound impact on U.S. and even world history both during his lifetime and in the more than half century since. And the holiday established in his name, celebrated on January 15, is a chance to celebrate diversity, explore the richness of history, and uphold the principles that MLK Jr. devotedly upheld. And these five spots across the country…

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The Soul of Rio de Janeiro: Its ´Little Africa´ Neighbourhoods

Sarah BrownThough most famous for Carnival, golden beaches, and world-famous landmarks, the real heart of Rio de Janeiro, for those in the know, lies in its downtown, most notably in Saúde, Gamboa, and the surrounding neighbourhoods hard by the port. For it’s this area that’s steeped in a complex history that dates back half a millennium to the Portuguese colonisers’ founding of Rio and the centuries of brutal slavery which followed.A good place to start is Praça Mauá, a once rundown square…

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  • How much do you know about Cote Divoire, the great places to visit and the rich culture of the people, you will really love the country

  • If you haven't already heard about the Garifuna culture, then come to Belize and learn about it the hands-on way with Warasa Garifuna Drum School.  The Garifuna people are descendants of shipwrecked slaves who mixed with the Arawak and Carib indians on St Vincent in the 17th century, creating a whole new ethnicity and culture.  The language and music of the Garifuna has been declared a masterpiece of human heritage by UNESCO in 2001.  Help us keep the culture alive through the vibrant beat of drums!

  • 9012334854?profile=originalThomas, West Africa Discovery's CEO, will be travelling to Sierra Leone for a research project he is conducting for his MSc in Responsible Tourism Management. As part of his travels, he wants to involve all of you in his journey of discovery (itinerary, experiences, photos, facts, stories, videos, etc...). To start things off, he has plotted his planned itinerary including information about the places he will visit and the things he hopes to do. Regular updates will be posted on this page to keep you involved in his journey.  


    To view the Itinerary, click here 

    We are also raising funds to buy school material for the communities Thomas is visiting. Here is a break down of the items that we will buy.

  • Hi guys,

      My youngest daughter Kristina is going to Avignon, France to teach for about 8 months beginning in latter September. Does anyone have any heads up on a place to stay that is reasonable and walking distance and hopefully to train station. Let me know ASAP. Thanks

  • Read about Monique Wells at She is our VIP of the Week.


  • We have just received our copy of the Rough Guides First-Time Africa in which we are listed on page 405, under the 'Africa Specialist Operators' category. The entry states: "West Africa Discovery: One of the few companies specializing in West Africa , with unusual tours and a strong responsible travel ethos".




    We have a selection of sustainably managed responsible tourism projects just for you to discover. Work with us to create better places to visit and better places to live in, in West Africa.


    You can also join a community dedicated to travel in West Africa which explores the rich local heritage in a sustainable and responsible way. 

  • Inspired by World Poetry Day, we would like to launch a West Africa Local Heritage Poetry Competition. Send us your entries to share your love for west African history, nature & culture and we will publish them on the web portal for review. Prizes to be announced. We look forward to it!


    9012285667?profile=originalWest Africa Poetry - some poems for inspiration

    Our resident poet Daouda Fall (Dave the poet) lives in Toubab Dialaw, Senegal and has been writing poems for as long as he can remember. His mission in life is to raise awareness towards his continent of Africa and to share his passion for peace, sustainability and unity of the African peoples through the medium of his poetry. This is why he tunes in perfectly with the West Africa Discovery mission.


    Email us with your entries at

  • My company owns and licenses the world's best travel software featuring all back-end website features such as newsletters, maps, calendars of events, reservations, itinerary builders, custom itinerary maps, route planners, client admin panels, advertising, e-commerce, and a robust data-mining engine. This software serves destination marketers by providing a link between points of interest and visitors. It also serves highly affinity markets including African Diaspora Tourism.

    I am looking for investors and/or strategic marketing partners to expand our scope into all aspects of travel, point of presence advertising, and event support. Our fully-developed product includes full and innovative support for QR codes, Smartphones, and Social Media sites.

    Interested and qualified parties must be willing to sign an NDA since our marketing plans and applications are far-advanced and ready to apply to the market. Interested parties must also be ready to attack the market since we are not interested in creeping forward and exposing our solutions without gaining a significant, first mover advantage. Please respond to

    Our applications will change travel marketing and how travelers interact in space. Each of our applications are instantly monetized. They also develop robust and profitable data assets built on individual and aggregate user profiles and preferences.

  • As a descendant of Freedom Seekers that came to Canada in 1851 from Kentucky, I have developed a tour for the Niagara Canada - U.S.A. region.  Sites visited included the crossing point of freedom for many, the church Harriet Tubman attended when in Canada, the grave of Anthony Burns and many others. Hope to meet you on my tour one day.
  • Not NEARLY soon enough for me, Monique! Gotta make some $$$ first!
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