Focusing on the heritage of African-descended travelers not just in Africa but also the United States, the Caribbean, Latin America, and beyond. it's a thriving and fascinating segment of the travel market. Check out this group to see how!

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The Soul of Rio de Janeiro: Its ´Little Africa´ Neighbourhoods

Sarah BrownThough most famous for Carnival, golden beaches, and world-famous landmarks, the real heart of Rio de Janeiro, for those in the know, lies in its downtown, most notably in Saúde, Gamboa, and the surrounding neighbourhoods hard by the port. For it’s this area that’s steeped in a complex history that dates back half a millennium to the Portuguese colonisers’ founding of Rio and the centuries of brutal slavery which followed.A good place to start is Praça Mauá, a once rundown square…

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12 top destinations for African-Diaspora travel

dmbaker   Welcome to February! Since 1970, it's also been Black History Month in the USA, and since 1995 in Canada, as well (whereas it's observed in October in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the Netherlands). And though the reason for the African diaspora was tragic and horrific - the brutal, centuries-long trafficking of human slaves - it has also enriched many parts of the world, and indeed, world culture as a whole. So what better way to kick BHM off than with a look at a dozen of the…

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  • A landmark for African-American history opens in Charleston, South Carolina:
    The International African American Museum reckons with Charleston's history
    Historians estimate that some 90 percent of African Americans can trace one ancestor back to Charleston. The International African American Museum ce…
  • I'm going back to Paris next month, and in searching for a couple of new things to see/do I came across this interesting nugget about black heritage. I think I'll give it a go!
    A Paris Tour Where You Probably Know as Much as a Parisian
    For nearly a decade, Kévi Donat has been giving tours of Paris that focus on the history of its Black residents—a history that many of its French tou…
  • Earlier this year, the Washington Post shined a light on a little known but quite interesting side to Canada that might be of interest to some visitors: five museums showcasing black history, in Ontario, Nova Scotia, and even Saskatchewan:
    In Canada, five museums that celebrate the country’s Black history
    Five museums that are working to preserve and celebrate the history of Black Canadians.
  • I remember my last big trip to Brazil as being full of Afro-Brazilian culture - especially in Rio de Janeiro and Salvador - and so I was interested to recently come across this U.S. immigrant to that country's description of that culture and what it's like to live as a foreigner in Rio:
    The Black Expat: Why Black Expats Should Come And Experience Brazil's Culture
    Marketing executive Ike Okonkwo is a Black expat in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico.
  • A sobering recent look in Medium at the racism black travelers face in too many destinations abroad:
    Travelling The World While Black Is a Tricky & Dangerous Proposition
    Ukraine, Argentina, India and China on my mind.
  • For black travelers (and women especially) looking for spa/wellness experiences that focus especially on the needs of black hair and skin, the black-interest section of the Miami Herald, Detour, recently published a look at three excellent destinations in the USA:
  • For those interested in traveling while black, here's an interesting batch of Instagram influencers to follow:
    7 Black Travel Influencers To Follow On IG
    Following her page is like getting a sneak peek into the VIP travel life
  • When it comes to Ecuador, most of visitors' intentions tend to end up focused around Quito, the Galápagos, colonial Cuenca, and maybe adventure hub Tena. But there's a Pacific coast down here, too, and one of the cool things about it - besides great beaches - is that it's home to more than a million afro-Ecuadorians, descendants of slaves brought here from Africa in the 16th century. They're especially common in the country's largest city, Guayaquil, and in Esmeraldas province, and this video by a black U.S. travel vlogger (his channel is Ace Live) is about his visit to Esmeraldas city (pop. 162,000) - pretty cool!
    The Black People of Ecuador Esmeraldas Beach - Diaspora in South America
    The Black People of Ecuador - Diaspora in South America. In Esmeraldas Ecuador beach. In this video, I visit Esmeraldas Ecuador, where there is a thr…
  • In observance of Ferbruary’s Black History Month in the USA, MSN’s Travel Noire channel put together a list of six subSaharan landmarks of remarkable black African achievements - pretty fascinating!!
    Beyond The Pyramids Of Egypt: 6 African Sites That Are Worthy Of A Mention
    Surely, the pyramids of Egypt are included on the list of the most iconic architectural sites in world history. Located in northern Africa, the amazi…
  • How much do you know about Cote Divoire, the great places to visit and the rich culture of the people, you will really love the country

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