Focusing on the heritage of African-descended travelers not just in Africa but also the United States, the Caribbean, Latin America, and elsewhere, it's a thriving and fascinating segment of the travel market. Check out this group to see how!

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12 top destinations for African-Diaspora travel

dmbaker   Welcome to February! Since 1970, it's also been Black History Month in the USA, and since 1995 in Canada, as well (whereas it's observed in October in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the Netherlands). And though the reason for the African diaspora was tragic and horrific - the brutal, centuries-long trafficking of human slaves - it has also enriched many parts of the world, and indeed, world culture as a whole. So what better way to kick BHM off than with a look at a dozen of the…

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New history museums changing black travel

Just saw a great piece in Slate on how the new Legacy Museum in Montgomery, Alabama is just the latest and best known example of a trend that is transforming African-diaspora tourism:Thankfully, the opening of the Legacy Museum and the associated National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery, Alabama, represents a growing wave of historical attractions aiming to look squarely at American history. A memorial and museum “dedicated to the legacy of enslaved black people, people terrorized…

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  • Congratulations, Monique...and well deserved!
  • Hi there and welcome all ! I know that Angola is probably off the radar so far, but if and when u get an inquiry, we are here ! Kind Rgds Paul
  • In October this year, a pioneering community-based cultural exchange tourism projects starts in Sierra Leone. After a successful 3-4 years running the same model on an island in Fiji, the Tribewanted team are taking this story of sustainable community development through tourism to another part of the World that is in great need of some attention.

    Via Tribewanted Sierra Leone, we bring you a video introducing the John Obey community where the first tribe members will set foot in October.

    For a chance to win an all-expenses paid experience, follow the 'sweepstakes' box on their facebook page.

    To learn more about the project click here...

    Or enquire with us at
  • Hey everyone! This group and website are great! Check out for a tour to Venezuela.
  • Hello everyone!
    My name is Andrea Patino and I am currently writing a piece for an online newspaper about Diaspora Tourism. I would love to talk to those of you who are interested in telling me about your experiences, in particular young Americans who have traveled--or plan to tavel-- to West Africa.
    Please email me of you are interested:

  • An African-American teen has a couple of very good questions on Ask a Travel Expert... click here to reply.
  • We have been inspired by West Africa's beauty to organise a photography competition so that you can send us your best snaps of one of the World's most beautiful geographical regions.

    We will accept only one photo per person, so choose wisely. The winning photo will be chosen by a professional photographer specialised in Africa! The winner will receive a copy of Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars latest album, "Rise & Shine".

    Please post all photos on the West Africa Discovery Facebook page to enter the competition.
  • Hi all, looking to be introduced to African rural culture, but are afraid to throw yourself into the deep end straight away? Well, here is a holiday idea which will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself into African day-to-day life.

    "In the West we lead fast, crammed complex lives. We have so much to do, and to get done, and there is little time to stop and do nothing much. In Africa life is much slower, and the days stretch long, hot and unhurried. This is a great place to rest, relax and reflect. There is lots going on, but you can choose your level of participation and be as busy or as quiet as you like."

    If you are interested in experiencing the magic of Africa first-hand, have friends that have been going on about travelling to Africa but never have plucked up the courage to go there, or if you just need to relax, kick off your shoes and 'go with the flow', this project is just for you...

    Suitable for families - loads of great activities for children of all ages!

    Click here to learn more.
  • To:West Africa Discovery
    Thanks for this info. I found your website most useful. I will list your Slavery Special Interest tour on our website, Let's stay in touch.
  • We have just listed a special interest tour which covers Benin, Burkina-Faso, Ghana, Senegal and Togo, and explores some of the locations related to the history of slavery. To learn more about this tour, click here.
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