Why Vienna´s Kaiserbrundl gay sauna is so amazing

Wow, I just have to comment about Vienna´s Kaiserbründl gay sauna, which I visited recently. I´ve been to a few in my day - most so-so, a few impressive, and several very impressive for various reasons. But never had I experienced one quite like this, behind a nondescript green door on a center-city side street. Kaiserbründl is Vienna's oldest bath house, opened in 1889 as the Centralbad and designed in an elegant Moorish motif, with exotic elements like horseshoe arches (and by the way, the current name comes from the fact that at least four members of the Habsburg imperial family - Kaiser means emperor and Bründl means well - frequented the place in the late 19th and early 20th  century).

Since the 1980s KB has been Vienna´s most popular gay male sauna, and it's huge (more than 18,000 square feet), mazelike, and with in addition to of course play cubicles has a bunch of amenities like a bar, a restaurant serving hot meals of local fare, a pool, steam and dry saunas, a playroom, a dark room, and a spacious, high-ceiling lounging area. It's also frequented by a varied clientele including some pretty hot guys - particularly right after work, from around 5:30 to 8:30, and especially good on Saturday and Thursdays (when there´s a foam party in one of the shower areas - where by the way I met a very interesting gent ha). And while overall I enjoyed Vienna, I can't say I´m necessarily dying to go back when there are so many other places still on my list, But I have to say, it would almost be worth a special trip back for one or two more visits to this ¨Imperial Well!¨ 



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