Working, travelling and knowing the world is possible, you just have to find a way to do it. And therefore, we are going to tell you about one of the best options we find when it comes to subsidizing our trips or maybe, if you prefer, to work from home.

Working as a blogger is one of the jobs that allow you to travel or work from home or anywhere in the world. A profession that is causing a lot of noise in the lives of some people taking a surprising turn in their way of life and allowing them to carry out activities that they could not carry out by working in other types of jobs.
Currently, there are many opportunities to work as a blogger. From having your blog to working writing on other people's or companies' blogs.

Are you interested?

Working as a Blogger: An interesting alternative to earn money while travelling

Just as we find people who survive on their talent, one of the talents that many of you surely have, is writing, and when we talk about writing, we do not mean writing a best seller, but reports, articles, writing stories, blogs own your favourite theme, stories, recommendations, recipes, adventures, simple e-books ...

There are many options, you just have to find yours. Also, practice makes perfect, and although at first, if you do not have much skill, it can be somewhat complicated, as you practice, everything will be more fluid. No one is born knowing.

What are the benefits of working as a blogger?

Working as a blogger is one of the best options if you want to travel and see the world, or simply if you want to work from home. But it goes much further. It is also a good option for those people who, due to the employment of their partner, constantly change their place of residence. It is a remote job that you can do from anywhere in the world.

You are the owner of your time. You manage your schedules as you want, you rest when you feel like it, you can work with the television on (not highly recommended) or listen to the music you want, you will not have a boss to watch you and to whom you have to explain, you can work in underwear or a swimsuit on a table on the edge of a beach, eat what you want, travel, and many other benefits that, without a doubt, do not allow you to do other trades.
Of course, not everything is wonders, benefits and unicorns ... Like other jobs, it is hard work where you have to do your best, research, attract readers, know how to monetize in case it is your blog ...

What do you need to work as a blogger?

To work as a blogger and be able to travel around the world or work from home, all you need is a computer and an internet connection. Nothing else.

Once you start this profession, you will get to know very useful tools that will make your life easier. Everything in its time.

How to work as a blogger?

There are several ways to work writing or as a blogger, although we can mainly divide them into two sections:

  • Work as a Blogger on your Blog.
  • Write articles or post for other people/blog.

Here we are going to show you some key aspects so that you can work as a blogger and dedicate your free time to what you like the most, perhaps you cannot dedicate yourself 100% to it, but if it serves as an alternative to getting some extras.

Work as a blogger on your blog

It is very simple, the first thing you should do is open a blog and start writing. You choose the theme, the one you like the most or the one you know the most, there are no barriers to it (travel, cooking, mechanics, tourism, economy, animals, games, children, pregnant women, cars, fashion, technologies, education ...).

In the beginning, logically, you will not earn any money or very little, because you have to create a good network of followers, work hard on your page, and know all the tricks to get money (monetize) with your website.

There is a lot of information about this on the internet (some better than many) and there are even courses where they teach you how to create blogs as well as all the techniques to get the most out of it. Of course, investigate well because there are real sales experts in marketing who can sell you any course.

Start with something simple and gradually improve it, you will see how with determination, after some time, you will have results and you can dedicate yourself to what you want, for us, to travel.

Write articles or post for other people

This is another option that we have when working as a blogger, we can find a multitude of job offers in major search engines such as monster, CareerBuilder, Trovit, indeed ... just by putting "blogger" or editor in the search engine ...

Getting to write for a magazine or a blog is a good option to get those extras that we need when travelling or living the life you have always wanted, dedicating the most time to what you like the most; sport, painting, music ...

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