Albury is located in the South Wales and is considered as one of the popular tourist spots of Australia for the tourists from all over the world. The best part of the place is that you can enjoy a number of recreational activities in Albury. I visited the place last year with some of my colleagues and it was really helpful in regaining the mental peace.You can explore more with online itinerary planner for better travel experience.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Albury is considered to be in the months of January, February and December.

If you are also planning to plan a tour to Albury then it is necessary that you should know about the activities to do in Albury. Here is the list of some important places which you should not miss when you are on the tour to Albury.

  • Bonegilla Migrant

The name is given after the name of the Bonegilla army who put their camps here ion second world war. Later in 1947, it became the training centre of the army and it served as one of the longest operating migrant centers of Australia till 1971. 

  • Lake Hume

The lake Hume is normally used for the irrigation in however it is considered as the heaven for the recreational activities in Albury such as boating skiing and swimming.


If you are planning for boating in the lake then you can get the boats from given below locations.

  1. Albury, Ettamagoh

  2. Elden reserve

  3. Lake Hume resort

  4. The Pines

  • Murray river

The Murray River is also one of the Albury biggest attractions. You can easily hire boats and suits for swimming. Additionally, you can also hire the bikes in order to explore the river on two wheels.


  • Belvoir Park

This park is very popular among the people due to the scenic views it offers to the tourists. Moreover, it is also very good Park for the Albury activities. The walking track of the park is surrounded with the ducks, geese and black swans.  


  • Huon hill

If you are searching for the ‘wow’ factor for your picnic in Albury then the Huon hill is the best location. The main reason behind this is that on this hill you can see the view of the whole city and enjoy a 360 degree view.


  • Gateway village

The gateway village has something extra to offer to the tourists who come here. It is accompanied with a theatre, Albury information centre and Jazz club.

These are some of the places which you should not miss while you are on the tour to Albury. There are many other Albury activities which you can enjoy on your trip to Albury.

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